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Master System Appreciation Thread

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17 minutes ago, Dudley said:

heh, aliexpress?


I've got an ali knockoff one, although entirely for homebrew.  Flight of Pigarus is astonishing for an SMS game.



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Not quite the right thread for it, but I finally updated my Mega SG to the latest firmware yesterday, and as usual had to redo all my preferred settings for the Mega Drive and Master System cores.


But in the Master System core config, I spotted something new (I think) - an option to use the SG1000 palette when playing SG1000 games (and F-16 Falcon, which uses the legacy graphics mode). This is ace, because the Master System has a skewed palette for this by default. I already have the ROMs on my Smokemonster pack, but this is the first time I’ve seen the games as they’re supposed to appear.

The timing of this is very fortuitous, as Jeremy Parish is currently briefly reviewing the whole SG1000 library as part of his Works video series on YouTube. Gave the launch title N-Sub a go today, it’s a lot of fun - recognisably a space invaders clone, but with lateral attacks as well as vertical, genuinely makes you think.

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It's pretty cool that SG-1000 now looks correct on the Mega SG. As implied, this is a feat only possible on real hardware using an actual SG-1000.


When I had my phase of my needing to complete all three Sega-produced Ninja Princess / The Ninja games I ended up using an emulator on the Dreamcast for the SG-1000 port. 


The alternative I had for real hardware - a Mark III console and a suspected bootleg of Ninja Princess my brother has (as far as I'm aware this was never produced as a Mark III cartridge) was too much of a faff to sort out just for a weird videogame whim.


Anyway - I'd long regarded the arcade original (accessible in perfect form on the Saturn Memorial Vol.2 compilation) as the best version because it was the prettiest and had a dedicated button for the invincibility magic..but it turns out that the western SMS rendition - the budget release I had a kid - was quite refined and superior playing to its arcade parent.

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I always had a soft spot for Soko Ban, the ancient block pushing puzzle game.


I first had it as part of one of those early pirate Game Boy multi-carts, and it stood out even amongst the proper games. Something about how it married pure logic and devious map design, I dunno, it just stayed with me.


Since then I've always given Soko Bans and clones / variants / jazzed up sequels a fair shot - most recently with the fan translation of Power Sokoban on SNES - but never really connected with any version since that first monochrome one..


..Until this beast came along, 'SKBN', (written by Raphnet of the controller adaptor empire):




This version is amazing. Seriously. It's Soko Ban and yet here I am enthusing about it. 


What the author has done is place almost 1200 original Soko Ban levels - all credited properly and arranged in self contained sets - in a slick, beautiful, lightning-quick engine that's a joy to experience and dip in and out of. No matter how complex / large the map, there's a custom tile set which makes it look wonderful and pop. Undoing any amount of moves or switching over to one of the many other level sets is trivial. Every completed level is automatically logged as such by way of a persistent SRAM file, so of course there are no passwords involved. And it's all so damn quick and silky. 


I know it's only Soko Ban..but dare I say, it's probably the ultimate, final, perfected form of this video game. 


Also, 1200 freely selectable, properly designed maps in a 128Kb ROM. What a marvel.

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On 17/04/2021 at 03:40, spanky debrest said:

..Until this beast came along, 'SKBN', (written by Raphnet of the controller adaptor empire):



Yeah I'm covering all 10 entries in a video soon and this is right up there.


In some ways though I'm actually more impressed by the other Sokoban game in the list.

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9 hours ago, Dudley said:


Yeah I'm covering all 10 entries in a video soon and this is right up there.


In some ways though I'm actually more impressed by the other Sokoban game in the list.


Cool, I'll look forward to that.


I haven't tried the other one yet but it looked liked it had some interesting pallette choices and extra features that definitely put it outside the realm of classic Soko Ban.


I was also perhaps prejudiced towards SKBN because I thought Raphnet's first SMS homebrew release, 'DONKEY.SMS', was similarly brilliant.


Also I trust you noticed the Light Phaser support he added to his SMS-A-Sketch demo? Absolutely amazing stuff.


Edit: I just had a bash on Soko Ban Engine v0.72, and yeah, it's good, a nice complement to SKBN because the approach is so different. Rather than a super clean, polished mega-compilation of classic maps it's like an original SMS 'adventure' with extra elements almost from the get go. Coming from SKBN though, the limited moves per stage do seem a bit on the tight side (most of the 9 stages that I completed were done with very few moves left).

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Noticed, noted, can't test it with the current setup.


Well that's the thing about sokoban engine, you can fix that, and it's that aspect that's impressed me most.


For everyone else, there's an online level designer for sokoban engine, when you're done you hit go and it generates and downloads an actual .sms which I can confirm works absolutely fine on an Everdrive.  Technically you just made your own (admittedly simple) Master System game.

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Any interest in the following Boxed Sega Master System Games before I chuck it in the trading folder/facebook?

Dead Angle

Trivial Pursuit

World Soccer

Tennis Ace

Pro Wrestling

Super Tennis

Doube Dragon

Aztec Adventure

Sega Chess

Wonder Boy 3 Dragon's Trap

Shadow of the Beast

Slap Shot

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I keep of thinking I should get some Master System games again as it was my first console.

I've kept California Games but I miss the likes of



Wonder Boy 1-3

Operation Wolf

Alex Kidd In Shinobi World

Impossible Mission


And quite a few others.

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