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Master System Appreciation Thread

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22 minutes ago, Dudley said:

You know what, I've absolutely no idea, I only have the 2nd one and I haven't played that because of the first one :)


I'll definitely look at getting the 2nd one, after I've completed the first though.

I'll post up in this wonderful thread of course :)

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So with my PS5 turning up on Thursday and me spending an ungodly number of hours playing Spiderman Remastered on it I did spare a bit of time last night to give a proper Spidey game a chance... Spider-Man vs The Kingpin! For years I thought the Mega Drive game was THE spidey game to play until Friday but this is a... fair enough attempt to port something better from the 16 Bits. The controls aren't the best and can imagine the original controller making this a nightmare to fling webs properly but thanks to my RetroBit pad it does play a lot better.


From the fancy swinging title screen and the funky music I was hoping this would be something more. It gets the levels and locations right from the MD counterpart but fails where it really should count.. the game play. It just doesn't give you enough to do and the web combat is pretty dull to be worth playing for more than the shortest sessions. My favourite part was how they gave you a lot of room to do some web swinging but that's all it really has. I was going to buy it anyway on my hunt for a full set but I was expecting a lot more after playing so much PS5 over the last few days.  The MD is leaps and swings (ho ho) above this so an average rope platformer with not much going for it... next!!!




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Been a week, so a few more pick ups.


Lorf will recognise Renegade, Tried one of those universal game boxes with his cart and sleeve only copy. I quite like the look on the shelf, certainly enough not to go hunting for boxes just yet but you should know they do not hold the cart securely, it can bounce around a little and that applies for all the formats they claim to support because I tried them all.


World Cup is fun, I won a cart only auction, that arrived, it has a near mint manual in. I can only assume since it said it was an attic clearance they found it after listing.




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