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Just Cause 3


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thought I'd post the E3 gameplay trailer too in case anybody missed it - this just looks epic and from what I can tell they seem to have kept in the complexity/subtlety of control too, the last game was very complex to get to grips with I found and I nearly ditched the 30min time limited demo as rubbish, then it all clicked and started flowing and its one of my few 100h + game saves

Quite a lot of info in this too - the manual control on the retractable tether looks like a game in its own right

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What'll be the best version? That'll determine my next console purchase. PS4 or Xbox One. I have to play this - it looks superb.

They'll both be near identical.

If customer service matters to you, Microsoft win that by a huge margin.

Also, Crackdown 3. If you get an Xbox One you get to play that when it comes out.

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Ps4 version will probably edge out the Xbone if you look really hard and read up on the tech websites. Ultimately the differences will be minor.

Pick the one that has the exclusives you want and where your friends are. Or buy both. :)

Right now the Xboxone is really exciting with the whole backwards compatibility and big games out in the next 6 months.

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an iOS and android promo app came out this week for this

its not a stripped down crappy game or partner app though, rather a quite nifty 360 motion tracking video tool that lets you look around the island a bit in a couple of locations and do a few wingsuit jumps from some high spots, in addition to motion tracking it also supports split screen google glass VR so I've stumped up for a cheapo eBay thing to see what that adds (VR for less than a tenner)

its not going to spoil anything and is a nice little sneak peek for those of us itching for this

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Just received my ebay iphone VR viewer thing and i'm genuinly surprised at how good the effect is, the 3d isnt overpowering but the feeling of looking around whilst Rico does a wingsuit dive is very impressive.

Sure it wont rival a £300 dedicated Oculus or PS4 VR headset but for a free app and a £10 lump of plastic its pretty impressive.

Watched a couple of the dev diaries online and this is looking a superb game

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I haven't seen any footage of the protagonist piloting attack choppers, I am assuming they will still be in as they were my favourite mode of mayhem?

Some footage here, about 3 1/2 minutes in but the whole video is worth a watch for new info.

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the videos convey such a fantastic sense of freedom in this with every component just amped up for max stupidity and enjoyment

its shaping up to be the greatest 80s action movie ever

I know its odd with all the explosions and bombs going off but was getting a real sense of Pilotwings on steroids from the flying bits (especially the ring challenges)

they seem to be ramping up the PR machine so fingers crossed it hits its date and doesn't slip as feeling the need to play this now.

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