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Disney Buy 20th Century Fox! Was: Marvel announces Phase 3 slate


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7 minutes ago, Charliemouse said:

I think it's only Sky News being sold as part of the Disney deal.


Erm. Not sure what you mean. Sky News is being sold if Fox buys Sky due to media plurality issues. 


It's a fair point though, why do Fox care if they are being brought by Disney? I assume Disney are running the show regarding the Sky purchase and any additional money used to purchase Sky will be added to the purchase price of Fox. So Fox probably don't care but Disney do and it filters through. 

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You still couldn't do the original Defenders because Namor is wrapped up in some obscure deal with Universal like the Hulk one (but seemingly worse), so unfortunately the Sub-Mariner is likely to be in limbo for quite a while longer..

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So... I’m on a course at Tower Bridge this week... I have to walk from My hotel near London Bridge past the town hall area... anyway as I’m walking by the river I suddenly hear all this screaming and “watch out, he’s coming RUN!!” Which kinda puts me on edge... I look over to the tower and there’s loads of people running... there are loads of white vans over there and I twigged that they’re filming something... I stood up on tower bridge and watched for 20 mins and it looked like a bunch of kids... so I thought it’s probably some shitty kids tv show ... I bumped into one of the crew and asked what they were filing and apparently it’s the New Spider-Man...




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2 hours ago, deerokus said:

I'm starting to get tired of seeing the UK (read: London or occasionally Edinburgh) in what feels like almost every single blockbuster that comes out.


It's time for an MCU film set in Pontypridd.

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