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Famicom Appreciation Thread


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2 hours ago, Kevvy Metal said:

Where abouts are you ordering these from? 

I have an AV Famicom but just use an Everdrive. Actually Carts would be fun


Most of my Japanese carts (I have around 20) plus some CIB, are from Japanese sellers on eBay :)

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I finished double dragon 2 on 'normal' difficulty...it's a bit on the easy side but...it really is a blast to play through though.


I'm going to try the hardest difficulty when it's set up next. I've just the master system up to play castle of illusion.


I understand double dragon 3 is hard...I've never played it...I guess this came about because 2 is/was too easy....

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Just purchased, Gradius.


This is interesting, because, out of my friends and my school friends at the time, I was the only one who could finish it. Let's see how I fare the best part of 30 years later!


I do believe that was the last time I played it too...


£5 Inc shipping from Japan, for a godly game and nice looking cart, what's not to like :)

s-l1600 (49).jpg

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This arrived in the normal post. Just opened them now.

I'm probably not going to start these until after Cuphead, although, I played the first level of both games and I can tell I'm in for a real 8-bit treat :)


Juju densetsu and Daiku no Gen-san. (Toki and Hammerin Harry)









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My myself a Famicom in Japan for 4800¥. It's been AV modded in advance, but has that jail bar look to the image. Nothing too noticeable, but I'll have to take it apart at some point. I'd read up on it before, so I knew it was a thing.


I only got Donkey Kong Jr and Super Mario Bros 3. Will have to fill out the collection a bit down the line, I think my wife would've freaked out if I'd started filling a shopping backet full of Famicom games.

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My bro was over for the cricket. We've not long completed a famicom session.


I have several beat em ups that are cool in single player mode..


However, turtles 2 (arcade game) really does lend itself to co-op..

Easier and way more fun....we got to stage 8....never been that  far in solo.

Super thrilled to have now played it in co-op.


He likes cheats and reading about that, and he is glitch crazy.

I sent him over the turtles ones after we finished the session.


I have a nice little famicom library going now.


Going to concentrate on NES for a bit too.


8 Bit Love!

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Pretty much my famicom collection.

Still got a fair few Japanese exclusives on my radar. All in good time, I play/collect for several systems.


I would love a disk system and bio miracle Bokutte...but, I think that will have to wait until I have a bit more money. 




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On 25/05/2015 at 10:34, super_quincy said:

I'm awaiting the return on my NES , I sent it away to have it RGB modded. So I went on a bit of a binge on NES games.

One of which was Paperboy. Oh my god. It's fucking awful. The 8bit computer versions are better. Christ on a (bmx) bike.

Whos doing this for you and how much did it cost? (If you don't mind me asking!)

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To answer my own question, the cables are longer than those on the built-in controller, but still Super Famicom style short. Fuck. 

The Hori controller is has a couple of cm more reach. Both are quite nice to use. Neither work with the menus on the firmware I have on my Everdrive N8 at least. 


Edit: Looks like I just need to update my firmware. http://krikzz.com/pub/support/everdrive-n8/pro-series/OS/changelog.txt

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Ninja kun 2. I'd love the original arcade board as I dearly love this one.

Have it on arcade archives...only play on 1 credit.

Has different start up colours, added 2 pics but there are more colours.

Like the original ninja kun on famicom (which I have and love)

It has scrolling issues, it's still fun. I love 8 bit stuff though!



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