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Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One Car Club


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So car clubs are back this time. I'm going to ASSUME these won't be cross-generational given the 360 version is supposedly a different game entirely, thus I'll let Boozy or Meers sort out the 360 side of things.

I don't really care who sets it up - whoever gets the game first I suppose, but putting the list together to start with is probably a good idea. Whack your gamertag down, share cars, and do cannonball runs. Yes.

1. Rice Kingford (rllmuk: sixbuttons)

2. Bleeders (rllmuk: Bleeders)
3. YoshiMax (rllmuk: YoshiMax)

4. Mr Do 71 (rllmuk: Mr Do 71)

5. smithstock (rllmuk: smithstock)

6. The Disco (rllmuk: The Disco)

7. multiClunk (rllmuk: multiClunk)

8. Raffles69 (rllmuk: rafaqat)
9. BlueWilliam (rllmuk:

10. SnoopZakaDaVe (rllmuk: SnoopZakaDaVe)

11. FavouriteFletch (rllmuk: fletch)

12. JimmytheMook74 (rllmuk: JimmytheMook)

13. gotters (rllmuk: gotters)

14. ?

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So I have next Friday off to overdose on FH2.

I will probably refrain from hosting something next Friday night as I know everyone will probably want to unlock some content before we delve into the road trip and bucket list stuff, but I'll send out your invites as soon as the game lets me create the club.

Probably kick things off with an online freeroam Saturday 4th at 7pm and see where it goes from there. Does that suit everyone?

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I finally got to a position where it was possible to create the club - note that you also need to get that far into the game in order to join one until then the option is greyed out.

You have to basically do the first 3 areas (all races) and then road trip back to the hub you start from then you're given the option. Do a search for RLLMUK and you should find it I've left it "open" just now rather than invite only so you can easily join. See you in there :)

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