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Me too.

Also, I could have sworn that someone on here was wanting to be able to look left and right while in the aim view, but I can't find the post now.

Anyway, I found you can do that, just swipe on the touch pad.

The dpad looks left, right and over the ball.

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Eh, that is just odd. Are they contracted by Sony to make that and have no choice? Or is it a developer decision to release another pool title under another name, straight after releasing a new pool game. If so, then that is poor form by them.

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The pool game is great and I want to see

Custom music

chalk tip on cue option

Custom table cloth (not sure right description)

better interface and option

and no crap about telling who is online when I don't know who is randombloke22 or whatever.

The crap at the top needs to go. I'm not that bothered if it was anyone on your friends only but for every person is too excessive.

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My save for this has messed up, I upgraded my HDD in the PS4, re-downloaded the game, transferred my save but for the life of me cannot get it to recognise it. It just doesn't work.

Every time I start the game up it's like i've started from scratch and it asks me to play tutorial. The only way I can get it to save is to delete my old save then it works fine but I don't want to start from scratch.

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Didn't realise this was out so bought it last night.

Its pretty good, certainly the best looking pool game I have played. The cloth and ambient scenery all look great and really give it a sense of realism.

Physics are ok, however balls do tend to speed off at jarring speeds at times. This isn't helped by the lack of digital input for the strength of shots, I find using the right stick to swing your cue far too haphazard and have already missed a bunch of shots as a result. Oh, discovery that the triangle button allows you to change the height of the butt of your cue was a real game changer, don't remember the tutorial covering that?

Another slight criticism would be the lack of an overhead view (although could be argued more realistic) and also that the view point when taking a shot can be quite claustrophobic allowing very little view of the table to either side of you, meaning that bank shots are particularly tricky to pull off, although I have just read in here that there is a look left and right option, so that might help. I guess I just need to get used to taking the time out to walk around the table and size shots up more, and the freedom to be able to do this is a nice addition to the genre.

I did try and play an online game but it couldn't find anyone, so either everyone has moved on already or the online side is still botched.

The different game types seem quite interesting and I enjoyed playing perfect potter for a bit, will need to try the others.

So in summary I probably still prefer bankshot billiards 2 over this, but can see me gradually getting used this and it becoming my pool game of choice.

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Is anyone going to organize a league?

Played some perfect potter last night, cleared two racks so was thinking I would at least get about 40 balls. White went to the pocket off the break, didn't drop, but a red sat right in front of the white leaving me with no view of a shot. Obv whacked the balls as hard as I could but nothing dropped :(

Loving this now, the camera is quite clumsy and the auto ball selection is laughable, maybe once out of 10 it chooses the ball I want to pot. Holding the square button all the time to adjust between balls makes things a bit more bearable.

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