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EA Play was EA Access (PC, PS, Xbox) - Coming to GamePass


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That's one hell of an update. Just need to know what's happened to the 360 BC titles like Hot Pursuit.



Along with those full games there's some new ten hour trials too:


EA SPORTS™ NHL® 17 Play First Trial - September 8


EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17 Play First Trial - September 22


Battlefield™ 1 Play First Trial on October 13

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On 06/07/2016 at 17:43, Yoshimax said:

Awesome. Wish I hadn't bought PvZ2 now it's brilliant but I could've waited I've not played it nearly enough.


EA Access has been brilliant at saving me cash. Games I enjoyed the beta/demos of, but weren't massively hoaching for I just left to appear in the Vault. BFH, NFS, PVZ2 and no doubt Mirrors Edge in the next 6 months too.

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EA Access members* can already explore more than two dozen great games in The Vault, and in the months ahead we'll be adding even more sports, action and arcade games for players to discover and enjoy.


It all starts today, as a selection of Xbox LIVE Arcade games enter The Vault.  Players can now explore the Throwback Pack, featuring six arcade titles from PopCap, including:


- Heavy Weapon™

- Bejeweled™ 2

- Bejeweled™ 3

- Feeding Frenzy™

- Feeding Frenzy™ 2

- Zuma™


Later this year, we'll also add even more blockbuster content to The Vault, including:



- Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst

- Star Wars™ Battlefront™


And of course, members can experience 10 hours of all-out war in Battlefield™ 1 before its release with a Play First Trial beginning on October 13.


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3 hours ago, Yoshimax said:


I've been on the lookout but not seeing much. Was going to get the PayPal 241 month thing but I'd rather just get a year with ME etc coming soon.



Yeah, I ended up just grabbing a year from Amazon for £20. Seems as good a deal as any. The Paypal deal tempted me, but this is the better price.

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2 hours ago, Mars said:

I think Sony blocked it because they didn't want it to 'compete' with PS+


Their official line was EA Access does not represent good value for their players...



We evaluated the EA Access subscription offering and decided that it does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect.


I mean, it's some straight A bullshit right there. It's taking PR spin to a whole new level. 

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