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Why were so many retro ninjas named Joe?

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It seems that Ryu Hayabusa, of Ninja Gaiden fame, had a father called Joe Hayabusa.

And we all know the titular Shinobi of Sega's franchise is named Joe Musashi.

Then there were Joe and Mac, caveman ninjas.

OK, so that's three. But the question still remains. 'Joe' seems to be too biblical of origin for shogun or Neo Zeed-controlled Japan, so what gives?

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Cheers Sean, I think you've nailed it. It seems that Ashita no Joe was a big rival of the popular Hajime no Ippo, and Joe seemed to become a popular name for heroes henceforth. Interesting stuff. Even as a kid I always wondered how a distinctly Japanese, black-clad assassin wielding shuriken and able to run up trees could be just a regular Joe.

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