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Mr Vikki's - For those that love hot sauces!


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Not seen another thread on hot and spicy sauces, chutneys,pickles etc, so thought I'd post one up.

Recently I've been up to the lake district and came across a selection of various hot condiments made by a company called Mr Vikkis. It's a family run business and his products are sold mainly in Cumbria but also throughout the UK. The quality of his products is far superior to a lot of products made by the bigger companies.


So far I've tried the Mango & Habenero hot sauce which is awesome on a bacon butty, the Banana Habenero chutney and the best of the lot, the XXX Chilli jam, the best I've ever tasted.

The other place I get my chilli kicks from is Dr Burnoriums Hot Sauce Emporium in St Nicks market, Bristol. www.hotsauceemporium.co.uk

A tiny little 'stall' inside the market, the guy who runs this gets his sauces from all around the world and he knows his stuff. The hottest I've tried is one called 'Fear', a ghost pepper sauce which has lime undertones and a bloody big kick. It's one of those sauces that you need just a couple of drops only!

Any other chilli heads on here got any recommendations of things to try?

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Patak Foods do a lovely chilli pickle - my mum just has it on bread, it's so tasty. Their lime pickle and mango pickles are also worth a look.

Otherwise, for chilli sauces, I always swear by original Encona, though the West African one they've brought out is pretty good too.

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Mr Vikki's is good. I used to use some King Naga when I couldn't get Mr Naga (which I totally recommend).

Being Birmingham based I have to recommend Pip's hot sauce -


The Nagatropolis is ace.

I've just ordered some of their King Naga, so looking forward to trying that. Also ordered a few more things so will post up how they taste in a few days.

I'll have to check out pips.

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Cambridge Chili farms: I like the no 10, but the smoked scotch bonnet and red pepper is lush, as I recall:


Chillis galore - the Revenge is a smokey naga version of a sweet chilli dipping sauce (5% Bhut Jolokia...) and the smokey Chipotle is great for a milder taste. I just finished off a limited edition mango and lime version with fatali peppers. Hot, but lovely taste.


Sinful Sauces do some awesome pickles - habanero and cardamom is gorgeous:


For a Caribbean style/vinegar-based sauce, Norfolk heatwave do a couple of nice ones:


All at the hotter end of the market.

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I have some open now and it's pretty spicy. I get the impression they do smaller batches, so maybe you got a duff one!

Edit: that or my taste buds are wimping out in my old age.

Maybe. I have a basic sweet chilli sauce from Asda which is hotter! It tasted great, and made my lips red and eyes a bit watery, but didn't *taste* hot in the slightest. It was more liquid than I'd expected too.

Ate it with some battered chicken and some potato wedges.

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I had some of that Who Dares Burns sauce from Asda on the weekend.


Friday I drizzled about a half a teaspoon on a burger, then BBQ'd it. It was hot, pleasantly so. The next night we had pizza (I know junk-tastic) so I drizzlled a littlle bit more on that....


Was soooo hot, my lips swelled up, my nose was running, sweat pouring from my brow. Not been hit by heat like that since I had my first Phaal...!

And I'm not even going to go into what it was like at the other end on Sunday. :huh: Jeeezus. :blink::wacko:

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scorchio.co,uk is probably a well-known site already, but I should definitely commend them on their excellent customer service.

I ordered 4 bottles of sauces, and 2 were Valentina. His shipment from Mexico got delayed, and he ended up buying them for me from Mexgrocer, which cost him more than I'd paid. Definitely went above and beyond.

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Got a batch of stuff delivered from these guys and knocked up a Goan chicken & mushroom curry last night. Marinaded the chicken in a mixture of a little of the paste, yoghurt, chilli and garlic. Needless to say it was excellent. Going to try the Assam Naga Masala next. :ph34r:


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I've got the massala sauce in the cupboard, decided this week I will make a prawn curry with it...Maybe tonight.

By the way, looking back at this thread I noticed I never said what the scorpion ja was like..... Sadly, I just didn't like it. It's hot, silly hot, but you do get used to it, it's the funny after taste I don't like. Much prefer the xxx chilli jam.

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