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The Predator (2018) - Written by Shane Black & Fred Dekker


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Sounds like a Home Alone reboot, featuring Predator.



A menacing, blood-curdling howl erupts from the darkness of the leafy suburban garden as The Predator, wearing a threadbare woolen hat, treads bare-footed on a scattering of Army Men. Kevin whoops, pumps his fist, and runs into the garage.


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i'll give it a fair chance, but we did that for Die Hard and Terminator too many times already.


If the only good to come of this is a brief, nostalgic recollection of dressing up in camo gear and running around in the woods with my old pal Dan Taylor, building bases and setting up "traps" involving slightly sharpened sticks.. so be it! 

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Hey it's the kid from John Wick, I'd wager he will die horribly. We've been told not to expect Arnold by Holbrook, so hopefully ,he will have a secret cameo/role of some sort. Imagine how awesome that would be in an age of 'internet gotta spoil everything'. I think Larry Fishes role in Predators was originally wrote with Arnie in mind.

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