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RLLMUK Hearthstone Tournament

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St Nick 2 - 0 Uzi

I completely forgot to record, not sure if Uzi managed to record or not...

First game - I had a Warlock and he played Rogue. Uzi just couldn't get his Auctioneer out in time, managed to get him down to 0 before any real damage could be done.

Second game - I again played Warlock and Uzi played Hunter. Lots of damage hitting each way, with Uzi playing lots of secrets as well. I was on the ropes towards the end, but Uzi only had 3 life left. I decided to use my hero power to draw a card and luckily it came up with Soulfire which allowed me to deal 4 damage and win the game.

Well played, Uzi.

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StNick won 2-0. I played Miracle Rogue and trap hunter, but as they're both pretty reliant on draws and a good aggro deck will usually beat them unless you draw AOE really early - which StNick had. His Zoo deck was very well played (played around explosive trap very well) and his knife juggler did serious work in both games and he pretty much threw out the minions in the most optimal way. Good games

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Cool, no problem. I'll try and get on for 6, but that's generally the time things go mental in my house with trying to get my daughter ready for bed :) We'll work it out I'm sure.

Logged on at 6 for about 25 mins but ha to sort the kids out myself, hehe. Any particular times that suit you best?

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That was embarrassing! Well played mate.

But seriously, I need to upload my vids too, check out my handlock draws. If I'd had one defender of argus if have back in the game, lol.

Taking nothing away from Strawdonkey, played a mean, smart hunter! You better get to at least the semi final so I do t feel as bad!

EDIT - Videos Added

Round 2

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Not sure, depends what people would prefer..? Personally, during the early stages I don't think it matters if we go out of order a bit... maybe when we get to the later stages though we could hold games off a little to bring everything in line..?

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Vorgot Vs RabMyself 1-2

3 good games with Vorgot. Got destroyed by his zoo warlock deck first round, well played, not much my druid could do in the end.

Second round, dusted off my Handlock deck, now up against Shaman. Managed to keep board control for a while, though got quite low on health butVorgot didnt manage to get anything to take out my Twilight Drakes and molten giant. Scraped through that win!

Third round, we both ended up using the same decks. Got lucky with my draws this time, and had some good answers for most of his plays. A nice soulfire got me the win in the end.

Great games, quite close!

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

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