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Cuphead. Classic cartoon inspired side-scroller - DLC out now!


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I bounced off this back at launch but am reviewing the DLC and got properly hooked this time - to the point where I've been neglecting the bit I'm supposed to be reviewing! The new character is great but not that balanced for all the bosses. Makes some trivial and others unnecessarily hard with the different parry mechanic.

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Sat down and bashed my way through the last four bosses and a couple of the platform levels on the third isle today. I've loved every minute of it but the platforming bits are certainly the weakest, so I'm not too upset they ditched them for the DLC.


My daughter asked me today why I keep playing a game that's 'about a hundred years old'. I imagine MDHR would be happy with that.

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Finished the Delicious Last Course just now and thought it was absolutely stunning. Some truly magnificent bosses in there and somehow manages to look even more gorgeous than the original. Turned a 9 into a 10 for me. Total all-timer. 

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I put a silly amount of time into this on Switch launch, adored it, bought the DLC DLC and felt similarly until I got horrendously stuck at the giant. Now a few months after that where I’ve tried again the odd time I’ve powered through to the end. Hooray for me!


I have nothing of actual value to say about it at this point but I needed strangers to know how much I love this. The older and more jaded I become the more special a game like Cuphead is - I expected to like it, maybe get 5-10 hours out of it and not necessarily finish it, but I’m about 50-60 hours deep now and it’s definitely up there in my top 10. It’s a staggering achievement. I honestly can’t believe it even exists but that it works as well as it does is the icing on the wondertart.


Now I’m looking forward to watching videos of speedruns and trying out the DLC character who is so different I wanted to start afresh with her rather than use her for the new bosses. 

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