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is there any tips for helping me to shoot with aiming more accuracy.

What control method are you using? Manual, semi or auto? From my experience with Fifa 15 so far I feel that the shooting is highly dependent on timing and positioning more than any particular technique. This is a good thing in my eyes. I never liked the versions where rolling the stick at the right time with finess worked.

I seem to score goals from all different sources in 15 but mainly from shots under the keeper. This seems the most reliable, wait for the keeper to come to you then tap shoot to knock it under him as he goes down for the ball.

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Can anyone recommend camera settings for FIFA 2015 on PS4 as I hated default views.

I'm a PES medium camera player so I play on:


Zoom = 0

Height = 20.

I like this as it gets me closer to the action, allowing me to perform more intricate moves and skills.

I also think it makes the game look prettier and feel faster.

However, be warned, this camera requires use of the radar. Something I love using and am used to.

So it won't be for everyone. Never liked the default views on PES or FIFA either.

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can't defend to save my life on this, the AI just twirl and Cruyff turn my defenders in a packed penalty box but the other way around when I attack even in a 1 v 1 my player has no balance and just get knocked off he ball easy

also, you would think I was good at shooting, much better in the training screen when the game is loading but then in the actual match i do pretty much the same thing and it's either pathetic straight at keeper or ballooned into the stand

either I'm shit or the games shit or both

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I have trouble defending too.

Far too easy for my opponent to waltz right through.

Coming from PES...I think FIFA is very different to PES in that the slide tackle is rarely effective. In PES, you just fly around sliding in everywhere and you end up getting rid. But in FIFA, it seems much easier to just run into your opponent - not even using square to stick a foot in. If you do slide in, or try to stick a foot in, you often leave yourself very vulnerable to the attacker simply walking around you. The 'contain' and 'teammate contain' are different in terms of effectiveness as well. In PES, you hold in those two buttons and your men run at the opposition like their possessed, it's much less severe in FIFA.

Really enjoying it, but it is taking some getting used to.

The Ultimate Team mode is great fun and highly addictive, think I'm just going to buy players I like and not look at the stats. I'll enjoy playing with them far more if I like them in real life. Going for a slow mo yet classy midfield of Gerrard, Alonso, Pirlo and one yet undecided firecracker - probably Raheem Sterling. How will I ever get the coins. It's slow going, especially when you have to keep buying contracts.

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Attacking *is* easier than defending.

Stand off. Make the attacker make the move and jocky/contain. You can't point and click as you'll get done.

Practice makes perfect and with time and effort your defensive game will improve. You'll still suffer from lapses when you put the attack ahead of defensive caution, but you will improve.

Regardless of this, sometimes you can't prevent an attacker getting through. Accept that and you'll be more at ease with it happening.

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Is anyone else having problems generating their game face? I've tried a number of times, from a number of different browsers (and different PCs), and I always get the greyed out "generate my game face" button.

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