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Battlefield Hardline


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Where can I sign up for the next beta (PS4)?

Had a quick look at the Battlefield Battlelog pages but nothing sprang out at me. Wasn't overly interested in this with the cops and robbers theme but if I could get a taste of it I might get onboard.

It's an open beta you don't have to sign up.

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... There was a link on the Xbox 360 dash that was discovered that stated the beta was out next Tuesday, it then got put on reddit and quickly removed. It looks like it's pretty much confirmed then!

See you guys Tuesday night. PSN: KR1355G if we aren't already friends from BF4.

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Some times I feel like I'm the only one on rllmuk who plays (multiplayer) FPS on the PC (see also CS:GO, Evolve, Titanfall and Dying Light threads).


I feel the same. But I don't player CS: GO, Evolve, Titanfall or Dying Light so that might be why.

Very much looking forward to Hardline, I tried the Beta after last years E3 and really enjoyed it.

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