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RLLMUKS Greatest Action Movies Ever....the results. Now showing 5-1.

George Clooney

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Nicely put together, and a top 5 I'm actually quite happy with! Not least the fact that my top action movie made number 2. It's nice to know that at least in some things my tastes are reasonably representative...

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Thanks for the kind words all, it's very much appreciated. Despite the times when I had a block on what to write, I still enjoyed this one a lot. Even so, I doubt I'll do another list, as in all honesty I cant think of a genre that I havent done that I could see making a good list, plus after this one I dont want to end up starting it, only to finish nearly a year later. I'm pleased with how it turned out though, and I'm genuinely touched by some of the replies I've had to it.

Now the list is out, there are a few other bits of data I thought might be interesting.

- John McTiernan has the honour of bookmarking the list with films of his, topping it with Die Hard, and having the lowest placed entry in Last Action Hero.

- Jackie Chan topped both actors and directors for the highest number of films on the list, but if you put weightings on them according to the position on the list, it's a different story altogether. James Cameron tops the director list, with Arnie trouncing the actors list.

- Arnie can pretty easily be classed as the greatest action hero according to this list. While Jackie did have a film on him in terms of numbers, all but one of Arnies films appeared in the top 50, and four appeared in the top 10. In contrast, Jackie only had one appear in the top 50. Funnily enough, the one film Arnie had outside the top ten was also the lowest ranked film on the list, Last Action Hero.

- Jackie comes off worse in the directors section. While he's second to Arnie in actors with rankings involved, as a director, he slips behind Woo, McTiernan and Verhoven (in that order).

- Women still have a bit of ground to make up. While there are some films ranked highly with women in decent roles, only 2 films in the top 50 (Aliens and Kill Bill) have women in the lead role.

- All of the top 10 actors according to ratings are now 50+ age wise.

- Verhoven ranks as the most consistent director on the list, with 3 films, the lowest at 15. Taking the average ranking of his films, he just pips Cameron.

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A great read, although for pure action it has to be Hard Boiled by a large margin for me. Still, I did not vote so I can't complain. Glad to see Aliens place so high as its certainly in my top 10 films of all time.

Here's controversy for you - Die Hard 3 is the best one by far.

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Here's controversy for you - Die Hard 3 is the best one by far.

Don't agree but don't take offense to that view.

However I reckon the same won't be said by others about me when I post my views on the Die Hard series;

The first one is the best. The third is the second best but I'd say Die Hard 4 is just as good as 3. And better than 2. Not seen 5.

1 > 3 ≥ 4 > 2

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Great writeups. Have to slightly agree on Commando - it is a film you end up laughing at, rather than with. What throws it into sharp relief is the other four...

Which aren't just "bam! bam! kablooey!" but really very intelligent films. Each of them has a care, attention to detail and thought that has gone into them that elevates them above standard fare.

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Commando wouldn't be half the movie it is without Arnie. It needs him more than any of his other films - the top tier stuff (that's the two Terminators, Total Recall, Predator and True Lies) are all movies that would be great in any case. Sure, Arnie is utterly iconic as The Terminator and Predator really feeds off the macho bravado in the group, all sweaty muscles and homoerotic behaviour and... wait, hang on.


Where was I?

Yeah, so Arnie definitely adds to those films but I think they'd succeed without him. Commando? It's rank B-movie fare that works because of this utterly ludicrous lead, with his thick Austrian accent (I'm reliably informed that in German, he sounds like a country bumpkin - then again, Thal ain't exactly a metropolis), his deadly seriousness with deadpan one liners you're sometimes not even sure he actually realises he's saying, It's Arnie - The Movie more than anything else he's ever done, and could only really be done by him.

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Four actors have two films in the top five - Arnie, Bill Duke, Bill Paxton (who had an incredibly minor role in Commando as a Coast Guard operator), and Matt Landers, who played these guys:


"Send in the car... send in the car."


"I'm basically only in this movie to get punched by Arnie. At least, I think this might be me. I'm in the film somewhere. I play Fred. Nobody knows or cares who Fred is."

A nice claim to fame.

Across the top ten, and 'cos I've way too much free time, the list looks like this:


Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator, Terminator 2, Commando, Predator)


Bill Paxton (The Terminator, Commando, Aliens)


Matt Landers (Commando, Die Hard)

Bill Duke (Commando, Predator)

Sven-Ole Thorsen (Terminator 2, Predator, both uncredited)

Jenette Goldstein (Terminator 2, Aliens)

Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens - not counting his cut appearance in T2)

Lance Henriksen (The Terminator, Aliens)

Linda Hamilton (The Terminator, Terminator 2)

Earl Boen (The Terminator, Terminator 2)

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