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The Rllmuk Photography Thread

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I'm assuming you were in a moving car while you were taking the pic, too?

no on the road (hence playing matador). i'd pan as the car went by ...

What camera do you have, kiwi?

canon eos 20d. very nice camera, well worth the investment.

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Took these two within yards of each other during our walk between pubs on Saturdays Manchester Meet.

I wish the second one would have come out better, The sun disapeared seconds after I took the photo, so it was a moment lost to try again.



This one features out very own Laine, GloomyAndy and U-1 I believe all in silhouette.

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Commando! Fucking easy. Anyone can tell that is an Arnie quote.

Fucking easy, to people who can read and write maybe, but in deepest darkest Northampton, I can guarantee that that type of person is very, very out numbered by the hideous inbreds who wander the town centre by day.

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Ooooeeww!!!  I freaking hate you Morrison!

Come off it, you love those trousers! And now they've reached a wider audience.

Of course, I have far worse. Pictures, not trousers.

If we'd just got Brown to take a photo of me taking my photo, we could have blown a hundred minds, not including our own.

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