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The Rllmuk Photography Thread

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""The professor acknowledged that his plan to delight the children by growing gigantic Easter Bunnies and Chicks had backfired slightly, but felt he still deserved some praise for the ground breaking scientific achievement of it all"

Yeah, a week late. I did come up with the idea about a month ago, but the mini figures only arrived today. Serves me right for trying to save a few quid by ordering from China.

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A complete fluke led me to quickly take these photos. My 5 year old was playing with his lego, which included the lego Space Shuttle and pilot. He had out my 'Full Moon' photography book to be used as a wall. The pilot of the space shuttle was lying down on top of the book which just happened to be in a shaft of window light during a few moment when the sun was out yesterday! I stood the lego man up and quickly took a couple before the sun went away. What are the chances of that happening, eh?

Apollego 11 by Keep On Truckin'


One small step for man... by Keep On Truckin'


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