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The Rllmuk Photography Thread

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My pics from the same trip, I think its strange seeing how people interpret the same scenes in different ways!

I love the bridge one there man! I wish I could go down to f/2.8 :o

Strange vignetting came from the filter holder i had on, quite like the way it turned out tho!




and on an unrelated note, my girlfriend Jenna:


(She'll kill me no doubt for posting that, but I like it!)

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Is this Orton thing the next tacky after effect like HDR? What's the point? What's it actually supposed to do?

It sandwiches two images together - one in focus, the other not, and gives a soft and slightly ethereal feel to the picture. It's not something I'd personally use very often TBH, but it did improve my forest shot (which was somewhat bland before), albeit giving it an artificial, Photoshopped feel.

It doesn't have a point other than being an effect that you can choose to apply or not.

I agree about the overuse of HDR though. Used subtly it can add a nice saturated feel to a shot, but most of the ones I see on Flickr are like visions of an LSD trip.

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If done right it can be quite neat (http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshsommers/443087798/) but you always get the same effects. I like it because it makes landscapes look like a next-gen Oblivion or something - a sureal, fake effect that can make a drab photo more interesting. Needs to be used in moderation though, just like HDR.

It can have more subtle effects too - http://www.flickr.com/photos/trippj34/307968277/

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