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The old Rllmuk Photography Thread


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A group of us went out tonight to a field near me which has a river running through it. The temperature dropped to around -6, and we spent most of the night knee deep in the water. Stupidly cold, but got some good shots. This was the second to last one to be taken as by the end of the night (around midnight) it got even colder and peoples cameras started freezing up. Quite happy how this one came out, about a 2min exposure in the pitch black, with some small lights to paint areas in the scene:

16149912171_334ef9b9c5_b.jpgCold Nights by neal1973, on Flickr

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Have been quite enthusiastically Instagram-ing recently.


Quite enjoying it especially as mobile photography is becoming increasingly higher in quality. I have both an iPhone6, which has a really quite nice camera and editing functionality as standard. And a Fujifilm X100T which makes really nice JPEGs in camera and has wireless - so you can copy images over to your phone whilst standing in the street if you want to.

Trying to gain Instagram followers without doing anything underhand is quite a slow grind but I have a pretty vast archive to upload and a steady stream of new shots given that I am taking the iPhone6 & X100T everywhere.











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After being really pleased with the IR camera I modded last time, I've upscaled a little and bought this

bit of a bargain at £189 from PC World, interchangeable lenses, RAW output and came with a copy of Lightroom 5 which should get me a few quid back as I don't need it.
Removed the IR filter from it (the little blue plate in the picture), only took 10 minutes once I'd figured how to get inside!
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I did it, i went and bought this bad boy.



except i can't edit the RAW files in Adobe elements 11 because i can't upgrade camera raw above 8.4 because that needs windows 7 or above and I'm still on vista and even then I think I need to get Elements 12 or probably 13 and that has to have windows 7 or above...


expect LOTS of blurry pictures of cars this year :D

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DNGC for some strange reason can't see the files in the folder, which i think is because the latest version needs Win7 and i'm still on Vista. I think i'm just going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade.

The really irritating thing is FastStone which I use to view and organise my pictures has no problems with the files at all.

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Just got back from my first ever trip to the US - had a work trip to Texas, and managed to convince my boss that I should take the weekend off in New York on my way back. Still a bit jetlagged (and quite glad to have made it out without too much trouble, considering the historic and lethal amounts of snow (quote from CNN)) - but in any case, here's a shot from Brooklyn Bridge (more will probably follow):


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Caeser's Camp? Some of my MTB buddies were having their ride interrupted by those dudes puttering about.

Yes, its still too muddy up there for my liking ans these boys are ripping up the nice trails. SO i was just out walking the dog and taking pictures.

Once it dries out there are a few fantastic little singletracks through the woods :)

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