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The old Rllmuk Photography Thread


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These are the pictures I really seem to enjoy looking at and taking, it's just finding the time and weather to get to these great locations.

Did you use any filters with the set of images you took at that location?

I do like this, it would be nice to see (IMO) a little more sunset colour across the water - Although the light is hitting my monitor at the moment so I'll take another look later (I'm a freak and like to look at and edit all my photos in a dark room)

I had an ND8 on, and a cheapo grad that I have, but its next to useless. So that shot was combined from a sky exposure and a foreground exposure. I took loads of shots, and in hindsight I probably should have chosen a foreground where the water wasn't burnt out under the sun!

As to the colour, I know what you mean! Im getting annoyed with photoshop, as I set the colour in that and it looks fine, but as soon as I save and view it elsewhere, it looks flat and de-saturated. Im set to windows RGB in photoshop, so im not sure what im doing wrong..

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For the past few months, where filters are not an option or not providing the correct exposure, I just tend to dial down the exposure until all my blinkies are gone - Sometimes I pay too much attention to that though and end up with crap compositions :) Too much thinking on one thing and not the overall picture.

I don't know if this will help you in anyway, but it may help - I use a colour calibrated monitor with the following settings in PS;

Color Settings;

Working Spaces:

RBG ~ Adobe RGB (1998)

CMYK ~ U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2

Gray ~ Dot Gain 20%

Spot ~ Dot Gain 20%

Color Management Policies:

RGB ~ Preserve Embedded Profiles

CMYK ~ Preserve Embedded Profiles

Gray ~ Preserve Embedded Profiles

All Options Ticked

I only convert to SRGB if I'm saving as a JPEG for the Web or whatnot, oh, and I also do all my proper editing in a dark room.

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I think a top of the line model should go missing from scribbles store for a couple of weeks :)

Although it's best and recommended to calibrate your monitor at least once a month.

Haha. "Borrowed".

You can get fairly good calibrators for about £80- spyder 3 express?

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Not posted stuff for a while. A selection of stuff from heading home for Xmas:



Sweeping exposure of North Edinburgh from the castle.


Long exposure of Camera Obscura. Colours changed from green/blue/yellow etc but ended up pink.


Photo of a scene that I've probably snapped more times than anything by a long shot. It's the view from my house over the Mourne Mountains, really pleased with this as it was the first one with the new camera. Needs much more work to bring the contrast between clouds and the mountains at the bottom, as they're barely visible. The birds were a timely bonus.


Exposure of a cheap blue plastic sword filled with a strip of blue LEDs. Sadly it was broken with a proper plastic lightsabre before I could do much extra.

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I was going through my pictures last night and today and came across two places that I visited, but I had not really processed the pictures until today.

I didn't really like them, that's why they've been sat there for months, but I've done some processing today (parts of some look radioactive) but I'm not bothered - This is about it as far as my time goes with these, but thought I would post as I've not been out for ages.






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Like the composition on the last one - not so keen on the HDR trickery though!

Anyone in central scotland see the sky this morning? I woke up at 8am and our bedroom was pink from the light. Time I got up and started putting clothes on it had gone - by the time I could have got out and find a decent composition it would have been long gone.

Still it was an impressive sky, might be worth getting up early tomorrow in case it hapens again.

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