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The old Rllmuk Photography Thread


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Yes mr pogo, it certainly was. I always liked Banham because they didn't have any really big animals, but now they have giraffes... They seemed pretty happy though, so I guess all is still well.

I think my recognising small areas of the animal's enclosures/the angles you've shot them from show's I've been there too often!

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One of my first shots with my new Bronica EC-TL. I was very glad to find that she's in full working order, and whacked five rolls of film through her to celebrate.


I like this, it seems like there must be an endless supply of quirky things to take pictures of in Japan! :(

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I'm not sure really, perhaps its the large green leaf in the backdrop, but cutting that off will have to make for a long horizontal picture rather than the standard dimensions. You got the foreground spot on though, which should cast enough attention away from the backdrop, so I don't know.

Sorry that was a useless post :wub:

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