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The old Rllmuk Photography Thread


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That's a bloody tall pylon! Is it an estuary crossing or something?

Aye, the Tyne. There are a load of pylons leading away from this crossing, obviously. It's great to see all the different types. Those blokes must have loved Meccano.

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Great photey.

I LOVE Eagulls. Best birds ever, should be the national bird of England. I could watch them for hours.

Must take some seagull pics soon, thanks for taking that.

Thank you!

There's plenty of the damn things in Brighton and I think they should all be culled :( Right little (well, pretty big actually) pests they are.

This link should work for my other gull shots.

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Tried my hand at a bit of newspaper photography yesterday at the launch of the eco-car rally here in Brighton.

According to the news on TV last night this is the arse end of a €13million car, I guess that's dev costs rather than purchase cost as there were 4 of them there!


Quentin Wilson doing a piece to camera


And the lovely Lisa Rogers


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Was helping some friends clear gut a shop today, it was full of chairs:


Sadly the non-flash ones are a bit blurry, should have taken more. You can see the dust teaming with the flash though.

There were about 80 chairs stacked in this shop floor and we had to gut out, de-panel and shelf build around them!

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