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Hope everyone here had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year, taken the past few weeks off myself!


But seeing as we came back to news that a Street Fighter Alpha 2 SNES modder had discovered how to play as Shin Akuma in the SNES version via a unreleased cheat code. Couldn't help, but give the code a try and try it out!



If you haven't seen the story here is more detail on it: https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2020/dec/30/shin-akuma-unlock-discovery/

If you have a copy of this on SNES or SFC might be time to dust it off for a quick go.


We ended last year on a SEGA RALLY 2006 arcade video and if you have a PS2 I highly recommend trying it out, not least because the first print run came with a bonus disc that had the original SEGA Rally arcade on it emulated by M2!



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