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Atari Lynx Appreciation Thread

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Forgot to add one!

Dracula - Needs to be played with headphones to enjoy the full effect. Very spooky and atmospheric music, fun to play in a dark room late at night I'm sure. The controls are a bit clunky at first but once you get used to it they aren't half bad for controlling what is effectively a graphic adventure on a handheld. It's based on the book form start to finish and seems to be pretty long, spent a couple of hours just wandering. I'd put it above average and worth picking up just be warned there's no save option or even a password so you need to be prepared for a long session.

Top 5 games


Shanghai - I can't put this down almost 3 weeks after it arrived!

Desert Strike - No this isn't because it cost me £60 its all cos it's pretty damn fine port.

Ultimate Chess - I love a good chess game and this is a good challenge with 2D and isometric viewpoints.

California Games - Love this for beating my own high scores, simple but addictive.

Other games that are def worth a look:

Gates of Zendocon - Found this a fun shooter and considering its age is still pretty impressive. Reminds me of R-Type just a bit slower.

Dinolympics - I love this, as mentioned above its just a lot of fun.

Klax - The Lynx version of Tetris and whilst its not as good still manages to hold its own well.

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California Games - Love this for beating my own high scores, simple but addictive.

Challenge accepted! List 'em, big man (I'm shit at it btw).

I couldn't muster up much love for Zendocon - there's absolutely no challenge for ages, the enemies don't do anything other than scroll towards you. It looks alright and has nice, bold sprites but it's just sooooo boooorrriinn...........zzzzzzz. Sorry, fell asleep just thinking about it.

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I agree that the excitement is nowhere near as much as the brilliant visuals promise. But I did find it much better than its nearest and most obvious competitors. The game gear versions of G LOC, and afterburner, I mean

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Lemmings is indeed and absolute gem. Was the first version I played and it is really really good.

I notice lots of people have duplicates and spares etc and are looking to swap titles. I've dug some of my Lynx stuff out of the loft (not all of it as there is other stuff up there (absolute mayhem up there and very cramped) so I have started a thread in Trading where I have listed duplicates or spares I have along with titles I would be interested in trading for.

Thought if everyone listed what they have and what they want we could swap titles Panini Football Sticker Style. I realise some titles are rarer and more expensive than others but thought the best format was to list what you have available and then list the stuff you are interested in. This way you can work out a swap for things you are after. If everyone updates their post then it will reflect what is available at any given time.

Obviously you can list a price you would sell at too. Just thought it might be a way to re-distribute Lynx games so more people get hold of the bits they are after. Or something.

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Never really got on with Blue Lightning. I mean it is impressive and all considering but I never had much fun playing it. Then again the Jag CD game was a pretty weak title too (and less of a technical showcase than the Lynx version)

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I quite liked it, but it wasn't as much fun as the graphics promised. However it was a good game for reassuring you that you had bought a nice, powerful piece of kit. Like Castle of Illusion on Gamegear and Ridge Racers on PSP.

I have recently purchased APB, Joust, Hydra and Rampart. All new. It is nice that there are so many new, shrink-wrapped games still available for the Lynx.

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Me and a mate set out collecting most of the lynx catalogue in the mid to late 90s, lots of fond memories including link up checkered flag. Still have my collection stashed in the loft. Noteable games for me were

Warbirds- lovely dogfighting in biplanes

Awesome golf - great golfing experience

Toki- excellent arcade conversion

Zarlour Mercenary - great shootemup with really detailed graphics

California games - surfing was so great on this

Lemmings- superb conversion

Klax- Great puzzler

Chips challenge- really good puzzler, couldnt believe how crap the PC version was in comparrison

Blockout- Tetris in 3D !

Ice Hockey- lovely boxing, I mean Ice hockey game

Shanghai- lovely puzzler

Isido way of the stones- ok puzzler

Rampart- pretty good conversion

Crystal mines 2- great boulderdash variant

Blue lightening- Afterburner in the palm of your hand

Gordo 106- ok platformer

Scrapyard dog- ok platformer

Pacland- lovely bright graphics but not that engaging

Powerfactor- nice run n gun game

Steel Talons- Excellent conversion, best handeld flight sim Id played at the time

Shadow of the beast - looks great but is a snore fest

Dracula- Had me bored

Batman- looks great but just too rockhard

Stun Runner- Looks amazing but again a bit too hard

Roadblasters- Stun runner without tunnels and much easier

Hydra- Roadblasters on the sea

Turbosub- Roadblasters under the sea

Gates of Zendocon- graphics are great especially the scaling effects

Kung Food- if only you were fighting people instead of mutated vegetables

Cyberball- Unplayable rubbish

Pitfighter- rubbish, like all the other versions

Desert Strike- I found this a bit boring

Rygar- Good but gets repetetive after a while

Raiden- Wanted this but never found it at a decent price

Xybots- Good maze based into the screen shooter

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Good list. You aren't tempted to get rid of Pac Land, I suppose?

Sorry Eddie no plans to sell Pacland, i need to get up into the loft to see what else I had knocking around on my Lynx seem to recall

Iron man stewart? top down racer being quite good

Gauntlet was impressive but not as much fun without the muliplayer of the computer versions

Xenophobe looked good but I think you needed to play multiplayer to get the most out of it

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Yeah, if you want it. I bought it off the back of my fondest childhood memories of playing it in Pontins' arcade in Prestatyn, but we're not getting along these days.

Boxed in decent condition, bought off klargon a few weeks ago for £20. Will do it for the same price, delivered. PM me your details if you want to go ahead.

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No, don't! Lemmings is a genuine and rare and worth a fair chunk. I said in the other thread you could easily get £40 for it so let it run on a single auction. Or trade it with Strider for Desert Strike.

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Wanna swap it for a bunch of GBC stuff?

Edit - Same to you, Rorsach. I'm after Lemmings, but cash is tight having just picked up a Wii U, so if you're after anything GBC and want to do a swap, let me know!

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