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I'll show you a fuckin' celebrity, son.


We had a thing at my work where people would log into your desktop when you were off, add a hairy Burt as your wallpaper, and log out, so a treat awaited your return.

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Maybe, but I think Microsoft's belief that the properties are more important than the developers and that they only need a few big hitters has been one of their biggest failings so far, and continuing along that path, thinking that another Halo or Gears will solve everything is going to be a really bad thing for them in the longer term.

Isnt this a bit like current Nintendo thinking? It hasnt worked for them.

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Has anyone mentioned that the features now have...

*dramatic hammond organ chord*

...bylines? Now you can stalk your favourite writers on Twitter and refuse to even read one of their pieces because they rated a game that you're frighteningly obsessed with 5/10 six years ago.

Yep. Feels weird. I was never that bothered about who wrote what, although I guess it's nice to see some recognition for someone who writes a good article.

I see they haven't done the same for reviews, though. Obvious anarchy were that to happen.

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Great security policy! That will get the customers to trust you with their data!

Because thats how it works of course, placing a renamed bmp into a support account user data $ is the same as sharing customer data.

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