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It doesn't help that they're releasing another expensive piece of hardware in close proximity to it. It seems absolute madness. You think they'd have learned from MS and Nintendo how easy it is confuse the market and how bad the consequences can be.

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15 minutes ago, Sng said:

 I think there are a lot more people buying PS4 games than buying PC games.


Whether there are a lot more people buying 20 minute experiences is a question - your average PC VR enthusiast has spent so much that another $10-20 every now and again barely registers - but it's clear that at the moment VR is a heavily subsidized market - you can't make a game and get a decent return on investment unless it's being sponsored by one of the big players (e.g. Oculus Studios) or is across all platforms and preferably also with a separate non-VR mode.

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Sng's original point is that because only the hardcore will be initially be buying this, they're the sort that will buy more games than casuals or something leading to greater support and success. Not a stance I agree with. Like I said the Vive/Rift audience are even more hardcore, so the audience would therefore be even more likely to shower cash on games and the systems should be swimming in quality VR game announcements. Which I don't think is really happening. But then in his latest posts he's saying it'll be a success because the audience is less hardcore than PC gamers, Maybe there's supposed to be some kind of hardcore Goldilocks zone. 

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1 hour ago, Sng said:

Greg Miller had surprisingly measured feedback. Said he played it all day ont he first day he got it but then didn't feel an urge to play it again the next day. Said it was most likely something you would drop in and out of and possibly leave gathering dust and we just have to wait and hope for some decent support over the next 18 months.


This is how I feel about the Rift. Ok, I did come back to it for a few days in a row but a week later it was just sitting there. I check the Oculus store most days to see what's new but it seems to be a trickle of low budget 'experiments'. Elite Dangerous is really the only thing giving it any real value right now. A proper game that is genuinely enhanced by VR, but I kinda got bored of Elite before I got the Rift so... 


PSVR will definitely have that Christmas day magic like the Wii, dancemats, Kinect or whatever. Watching your gran try it out will be a blast! It's just unfortunate that the biggest genre on console (FPS) just doesn't work so well in VR due to nausea, so you can't just retrofit CoD or Destiny with VR.


One thing that VR does really well which doesn't get much of a mention is how NPCs come to life when they are standing right there in front of you. That feeling of presence is weird, indescribable and simply impossible to capture in a non-VR game. The alien demo on the Rift is a prime example. I wonder if the future of VR will be more about connecting with AI characters than running around in mech suits.

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16 hours ago, footle said:


The thing is, if you played it - and didn't suffer from seasickness - I suspect you'd suddenly give a shit.


This is one of the main problems though. I have no way to try it, I get pretty bad motion sickness so sitting in a demo station where they've set the thing up perfectly doesn't really tell me anything. I need to try it in a normal setting, and for that to happen I need to either gamble £350 or hope someone I know does.


That's what's sapping my interest right now, I can't try it so I can't even consider buying.

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44 minutes ago, Sng said:

Yeah you can't compare PSVR with PC stuff which I don't even think you can buy easily in the UK yet? PSVR will fly off the shelves compared to that and I think there are a lot more people buying PS4 games than buying PC games.

That is a guess but I assume it's the case.

EDIT: Oh Vive isn't available but Rift is but it seems they just aren't marketing it.



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Yeah, for me, VR was never going to be an every day thing.


I want it so I can be there day one, so I can use it every now and then when new and interesting games/experiences come out, and to see the platform grow. That's all I want and need right now. 


Sure I could wait another 18-24 months to buy a more polished product, but where's the fun in that?


People seem to think that Sony should have all of VRs problems sorted by October 13th, but we're miles from that. 


In all honesty, we're looking at 5-10 years before VR is at a place where no-one gets sick, the hardware is state of the art, the headsets are lightweight, cheap, easy to use, and developers have learned what works and what doesn't work in VR.


Sony hedged their bets on VR by creating a set-up that consists of their cheap, existing components. It was hugely important to get it into the hands of the public for one massive beta test; testing whether VR is a real thing, whether people want this, whether it's a serious revenue driver for them, and whether it really is the future. And they had to get it out at a price that was bearable, rather than £700+


They've already said they're already working on iterating this product and I believe that PSVR 2 will have proper room scale, multiple cameras and decent tracking, but hey, this is only day one, and I'm happy to have the biggest console manufacturer right now try this thing out and see where the devs take it.


I can see why people might be less than impressed with the flaky tracking and expensive cost of the thing, and for many it just makes more sense to put your money into PS Pro, a Vive or just other games instead of something that may or may not be around in 18 months.


I'm happy to be there, but I'm not blind to the fact that this is a bit of a gamble for Sony and us early adopters alike.

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I watched Batman on the Giant Bomb stream. It looked like a cool proof of concept tech demo. It's only an about an hour and a half long and didn't appear to have much replayability value. It felt like at the end it should have said 'Thanks for playing the demo, Batman VR full experience coming December 2016'.  Like the RE7 Kitchen thingy. It looked like the sort of experience I'd quite like to try in person, but don't think I'd pay full price for it.

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It's mental after the poor reaction to Batman vs Superman Rocksteady want to make stuff even more unremittingly miserable.


Jeff joked it'd be an 8mm game if it didn't have the Batman license.


In the next one Ras Al Ghul puts all the citizens of Gotham in gas chambers - because fun for kids!

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9 minutes ago, RubberJohnny said:

It's mental after Batman vs Superman Rocksteady want to make stuff even more unremittingly miserable.

Rocksteady don't have anything to do with the film franchise. It fits in their Arkham franchise. Arkham Knight, City and Asylum weren't exactly laugh  a minute.

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I've cancelled. Mostly money (the extras, the games), partly wanting to see what people's reactions to PSVR+Pro, partly distrust of Sony.


Really I want VR on PC, I want to play stupid tech demos and I want random things I'd never consider buying appearing in my Steam library from bundles and such. I'd love Rez and Driveclub, but depending on the Pro, it's likely for me (wholly intending on having a VR capable PC at some point soon) PSVR isn't cheaper and it's clearly worse.


I'm aware that's not the case for everyone but doing that maths was what made me press the cancel button.

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There's going to be a lot of quitter's remorse in here at the end of next week, with noses pressed up against the virtual glass watching those who kept the faith having all the fun!


(and then lots of buyer's remorse two weeks later when we've all puked our guts up through horrendous motion sickness.)

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Launch titles:




100ft Robot Golf

Ace Banana


Batman: Arkham VR



Carnival Games - 28 October

Driveclub VR

Dying: Reborn - January 2017

Eagle Flight - 8 November

EVE: Gunjack

EVE: Valkyrie

Fated: The Silent Oath - Q4 2016

GNOG - Q1 2017

Golem - Q1 2017

Harmonix Music VR

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X


Here They Lie

HoloBall - Q4 2016

How We Soar - Q4 2016


Hustle Kings VR


Job Simulator

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Korix - Q1 2017

Littlestar VR Cinema

Loading Human

Megaton Rainfall - Q1 2017

Moto Racer 4 - 3 November

Pixel Gear - 20 October

Pixel Ripped 1989 - Q4 2016

PlayStation VR Worlds

Proton Pulse - Q4 2016

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin - Q4 2016

Radial G - Q4 2016

Resident Evil 7: biohazared - 24 January 2017

Rex Infinite

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties

Robinson: The Journey - Q4 2016

Space Rift - Q4 2016

SportsBar VR - Fall 2016

Star Trek: Bridge Crew - 29 November

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission - Holiday 2016

Statik - Q1 2017

Super Stardust Ultra VR


Tethered - Q4 2016

The Assembly

The Brookhaven Experiment - Q4 2016

The Playroom VR


Time Machine VR - Q4 2016

Tmble VR

Trackmania VR - Q4 2016

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

VirZOOM - Q4 2016

Viva Ex Vivo - Q4 2016

Volume: Coda


Waddle Home - October

Wayward Sky

Weeping Doll - 27 October

Werewolves Within - 6 December

Windlands - Q4 2016


World War Toons

XING: The Land Beyond - Q1 2017


Can't believe there's a game call Farted: The Silent Oaf. (Yah. I posted this list just to do this joke.)


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16 minutes ago, sir shrew said:

Either they're pitching it as an enthusiasts device for the moment, to gauge popularity and then have a marketing push at a later date. Or they've got cold feet over it and are sending it out to die.


That's what I can't work out.  I'm wavering now, but think I'll go through with it as I've been looking forward to it since the preorder became available so I can't quit now. Plus I'm hoping that I'll be able to make most of the money back selling it on if it is absolutely terrible. 

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15 minutes ago, siread said:

Launch titles:




Can't believe there's a game call Farted: The Silent Oaf. (Yah. I posted this list just to do this joke.)


They have mixed in the launch window with launch day stuff. Here it is split into two lists, launch day and launch window.


100ft Robot Golf - No Goblin

Battlezone - Rebellion

Batman: Arkham VR - Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Bound - Plastic

Driveclub VR - Evolution Studio

EVE: Valkyrie - CCP Games

Harmonix Music VR - Harmonix Music Systems

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X - SEGA

Headmaster - Frame

Here They Lie - Tangentlemen

Hustle Kings VR - EPOS Game Studios

Job Simulator - Owlchemy Labs

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - Steel Crate Games

Loading Human - Maximum Games

Sports Bar VR - Cherry Pop Games

Super Stardust VR - D3T

PlayStation VR Worlds - London Studio

Rez Infinite - Enhance Games

RIGS Mechanized Combat League - Guerrilla Cambridge

Rise Of The Tomb Raider - Crystal Dynamics

Superhypercube - Kokoromi

The Assembly - nDreams

The Playroom VR - Japan Studio

Thumper - Drool

Tumble VR - Supermassive Games

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - Supermassive Games

Volume: Coda - Bithell Games

Wayward Sky - Uber Entertainment

World War Toons - Reload Studios

Waddle Home - Archiact Interactive

Resident Evil 7 Kitchen demo - Capcom

EVE: Gunjack - CCP Games

Ace Banana - Oasis Games




Carnival Games - 2K Games. 28th October 2016

Moto Racer 4 - Anuman Interactive. 3rd November 2016

Eagle Flight - Ubisoft. 8th November 2016 (digital) // 15th November, 2016 (retail)

Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Ubisoft. 29th November 2016 (digital) // 6th December 2016 (retail)

Werewolves Within - Ubisoft. 6th December 2016

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission - Electronic Arts. Q4 2016

Fated: The Silent Oath - Frima Studio. Q4 2016

HoloBall - TreeFortress Games. Q4 2016

Pixel Ripped 1989 - Pixel Ripped Inc. Q4 2016

Proton Pulse - ZeroTransform Inc. Q4 2016

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin - Double Fine Productions. Q4 2016

Robinson: The Journey - Crytek GmbH. Q4 2016

Time Machine VR - Minority Media. Q4 2016

Space Rift - bitComposer. Q4 2016

Trackmania VR - Ubisoft. Q4 2016

How We Soar - Penny Black Studios. Q4 2016

Radial G - Tammeka Ltd. Q4 2016

Tethered - Secret Sorcery Ltd. Q4 2016

Windlands - Psytec Games. Q4 2016

Viva Ex Vivo - Truant Pixel. Q4 2016

Pixel Gear - Oasis Games. Q4 2016

The Brookhaven Experiment - Phosphor Games. Q4 2016

Weeping Doll - Oasis Games. Q4 2016

Golem - Highwire Games. Q1 2017

GNOG - KO_OP. Q1 2017

Statik - Tarsier Studios. Q1 2017

XING: The Land Beyond - White Lotus Interactive. Q1 2017

Megaton Rainfall - Pentadimensional. Q1 2017

Korix - StellarVR. Q1 2017


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I'm really surprised at the lack of sports games. A version of Fifa where you could look up and down the pitch to see where you players are would be potentially amazing. A first person NFL quarterback game would be great too. These kind of experiences, done right, would bring in the mainstream dollar. There's too much abstract stuff that just won't appeal to Joe Bloggs.

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11 minutes ago, labarte said:

. There's too much abstract stuff that just won't appeal to Joe Bloggs.

Joe Bloggs is not gonna buy a PS4 and a PSVR and a PS Camera and Move controllers. It's is solidly in the innovator section of the adoption curve. AKA the more money than sense section.

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2 hours ago, RubberJohnny said:

PSVR is getting a super soft launch from Sony, they only just announced the final launch games a week ahead of launch, I don't think it's going to fly off the shelves with no advertising, poor games and mediocre reviews.


Apart from the fact that they have already sold out. So no need for expensive marketing, when they have stock you will see more marketing spend. 

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