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3 minutes ago, dumpster said:

Cheeky as fuck to put the VR in the boxed copy, the download version, yet still charge existing players a tenner.  Plus, whilst Driveclub is amazing on VR (and no sickness if you have a wheel), Dirt will need to be a massive re-write to accomodate VR, as anyone who tried the Richard Burns Rally MOD on the Rift will tell you.  Sickness in seconds.  Seconds.


Good news though.  Within is in the UK store, but it's hidden in the Playstation Apps section, and not the VR section because Sony are idiots.



You're aware that Dirt has had a PC VR mode for months?

(I never managed to quite get the options right with it, but lots of people liked it).


though the entitlement inherent in saying it needs a massive rewrite, but it's cheeky to charge for it, is... stunning. People didn't buy it originally on the promise of the non existent for feature.

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I'm starting to think it will die a death after Resident Evil and Star Trek get released and people start realising there's nothing else left on the horizon for it. Feeling more and more glad I got rid of my headset in November as time goes on.

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On ‎08‎/‎01‎/‎2017 at 16:08, SeanR said:

I bought windlands


Its getting move support


Get windlands!





Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to throw up...



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2 hours ago, Xevious said:

I heard the base game is in the current PSN sale for £16 - can someone confirm?


it was yesterday.


i've already got dirt rally on PC and it's brilliant, but pretty difficult (never played it with a pad...). will be getting the ps4 version to try it in VR.

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48 minutes ago, sid said:

Keep talking and no-one explodes is absolutely fantastic.

isn't it?


the best one is when you leap to a conclusion based on a deduction from a little information from the defuser, and a thorough reading of the manual, and it pays off.


or figuring out Simon says by listening to the notes, before you get the colours.


the worst one is anytime you have to "if x = y then do what you did at b"


no ones taking notes for sucks fake.


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Yeah honestly the most fun I have had with psvr, everyone in the room involved reading the bomb manual on phones, crystal clear gfx on the headset, just fun.


rather than everyone sat around waiting for the person to finish their single player experience.


Superb...more of this please . If only Nintendo could get hold of it

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So help me out.


Dirt is getting a VR upgrade which becomes part of the game and is supplied in the download and retail versions at no extra charge. Why should existing customers pay £10 ?


By all means create an upgrade that costs £10 but make that a choice for any player who can buy it if they want it. But to add it to the main game as a standard item and then charge existing players who bought the game already seems unfair to me. 

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It will come as part of a new retail version. It's not uncommon practice to release DLC and then release a new edition of the game with the DLC included.


It's the whole game in VR and not all that different from Driveclub. DCVR cost £25-£30 at launch. If you owned the original game, you got a discount. That's sort of what's happening here but they've done it with less effective PR.

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1 hour ago, Larsen B said:

The worst one is the morse code.


"Dot... er... dot.. dash"

"Was that dot dot dash or dot and then dot dash?"

"I'm not sure"

"Wait for a long gap and then start again"


I find the morse code one impossible. My brain is totally incompatible with it.

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Just tried the Hyper Void VR content (after somehow failing to get the add-on installed about three times) and it was quite fun, if a little simple. No doubt Polybius will be the true into-the-screen VR shooter experience. :) 

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4 hours ago, SeanR said:


I only ask as I want a PSVR but I was worried that after the games in the launch line up, I haven't seen much chat about forthcoming titles.

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well now...


there's vr required games, and there are games that have vr compatibility.


there are games, in the vr space, that don't have the marketing muscle to make their presence know, and require a bit of word of mouth to get by.


and you don't always need to get everything that comes out.


for example, you could ration the 20-odd titles in my /vr folder* and get 2-3 a month, and completely rinse them before the next one. It's win-win, honestly.


The reason is vr can fuck with your head, and smaller games and experiences, with lower price points are great, in this regard.


if you're seeking triple-A titles, every month, in vr, you might be disappointed, long-term. Ypu might do a couple of matches in RIGS, or try for a couple of map sectors in BATTLEZONE, or some races in DRIVECLUB VR, but you wouldn't necessarily cane campaign mode of the next COD in vr. That shit'll fuck you up.


the games are there, and more are coming. But its a side dish, not a main course.


* ive got pretty good taste.

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