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4 hours ago, dumpster said:

Been eyeing up that wheel stand on Amazon for a while, and didn't realise you can buy direct for a tenner cheaper. Thanks. Just ordered it. 


And my roller coaster of yesnoyesnoyesno switches back to a big YES for PSVR after seeing Jeff Minters game.  


TxK is worth the price of a Vita and Vita TV alone.  I'm serious , for the price of a new release game you can buy a PSTV and TxK. Its unbelievably good. Its the best game I've ever played for putting you in the zone. I've missed the phone ringing right next to me playing that. A psvr game of that calibre would be the greatest thing . 

The only reason I still own my vita is because of TxK

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This time next week folks.

i won't be sitting here listening to music watching the Apple TV screen saver, I'll be constantly trying to centre the VR headset and probably moving my PS camera position trying to find the perfect camera angle and wondering WTF it's not working properly.

Seriously though, I'm getting excited. It's just going to be a pain fitting it in around work as I'm on a 2pm-10pm shift launch day then straight into a 8am-5pm the day after. I'm. Mess on Fridays at the best of times.


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5 hours ago, noob said:

played this today in sheffield.


my oh my, its bags of fun! 


played Battle Zone and Rigs. BZ is Tron basically with tanks. Absolutely phenomenal. Shooting both ground and air based enemies while swinging your head trying to see who is firing at you was just the business :wub: 


Rigs was like Quiddich but with mechs. It was ok but i thought it could have been a little faster. My friend played Batman and was absolutely blown away by it. I stood watching her play and she walked into the booth wall at one point :lol: She also played Farpoint and REALLY enjoyed it. Nothing groundbreakingly different, said being jumped at by enemies (massive spiders) was terrifying. 


Soon as I have some spare money, its going on PSVR :wub: 



any tracking issues?

any more impressions?

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14 hours ago, rafaqat said:


If they're aiming for mass market or at least trying to get there eventually the DO need to make sure it works well in most situations.



To be fair, VR does, Sony have understandably gone for the cheapest way of getting it to sort of work.


The Vive doesn't have issues like this but of course the Vive costs nearly twice as much.

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1 hour ago, Dudley said:

The Vive doesn't have issues like this but of course the Vive costs nearly twice as much.


I've had sporadic issues with Vive - black spots in the room where your tracking goes apeshit. When it does work the tracking is excellent though, the motion controls in particular are unnervingly accurate. 

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I actually found the Digital Foundry video slightly worrying. Seems they had quite a lot of tracking issues as well and quite a few of the games caused motion sickness. 


We'll find out Thursday, I suppose. Hopefully I'm not queasily dumping the box at CEX by Sunday afternoon. 

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15 hours ago, HarryBizzle said:

From what I remember of Project Cars, it ran like a dog on PS4. I can't imagine it getting PS VR support without a lot of work.


Actually, it's quite stable, these days at least. Hope they can pull off the VR support as it was once promised for PS4.


But then, as I said before, Slightly Mad was once 'committed' to bring the game to Wii U as well.


15 hours ago, SeanR said:


Yeah! I played this at Gamescom last year, my first taste of PlayStation VR in fact. Great stuff, though a bit hard to get in to - given that there's either chase cam (which makes this a bit of a rollercoaster ride experience) or bumper view (meh).


15 hours ago, U-1 said:

Wouldn't be surprised if Dirt Rally makes an appearance at somepoint too. Although nothing confirmed for PSVR yet.


Tried DiRT Rally on PC with Rift the other day and it was the first ever VR simulation to make me slightly nauseous. There's a disconnect between seeing the high-speed bump, jumps and drifts but not actually feeling them. Never had this on Project CARS!

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I find dirt rally on PC in cockpit view a little bit too much; whereas I can play a lot of Project Cars. 

With the latter though it'd need a hell of a lot of optimisation: it's almost unreadable on PC without a lot of supersampling, and that means every graphics option needs turned right down

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Any feedback on if it's better to have the camera on top of the TV or below it? My TVs on a standard height TV stand so the camera might be a bit low if standing. Wondering if I should add a PS camera mount to my ever-growing VR spend. 

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9 hours ago, S0L said:

Got to try this yesterday at Play Expo and I'm impressed.


Tried Battlezone which is brilliant tactile fun, highly recommended, but the game that blew me away more was Jeff Minters Polybius.


Its got a bit of all sorts of arcade classics (doses of Star Wars, Stun Runner and oddly Centipede) and is pretty much how I expected video games to be as a kid. If you're near Manchester, I'd say it's worth heading over to Play and coughing up the £18 to get in just to try that.


I'm going to get a PSVR just to play that, it's brilliant. Think he's also doing it on the Rift too.


Headset itself is light, comfortable and the screens lovely and clear. No screen door effect I could see, it's lower resolution, but I went from playing Polybius to playing Luckys Tale on a Rift next door and I thought the colour and lack of screen door was way better on the PSVR.


Gone from being on the fence to a believer. Can only imagine what Rez must be like. Only one way to find out...


6 hours ago, noob said:


nope. none that i found. 


yeah, the headset itself is super comfy. its not even an issue wearing it. i wear glasses and again it wasnt an issue. its fully adjustable at the rear and in terms of the screens at the front too. 


i genuinely could have sat there for hours playing Battle Zone alone. 


Once you have the headset on, you honestly cannot tell what is going on outside of it. apparently there was a guy filming me as i played. not a clue he was there...


was thinking about it all last night, it really has left a massive positive impression on me. I never thought i would like it so much or it would be as much fun as it was.


I played the oculus rift a couple of years ago at EGX and that was pap in comparison.




Hype mode engaged! Thanks guys I'm sold, roll on Thursday :-)

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Any other hands-on videos that are worth watching? Just trying to pass the time until Thursday. 


Edit: PlayStation site says the darker the room the better so hopefully that explains the GiantBomb issues. 

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