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Xbox One UK price cut - now £399 bundled with Titanfall


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Oh so the quoting system cocked up for you ok doke. When i say secret im meaning...what are we missing...what is this mega corporation gaining by pissing people off with the added cost of a peripheral they cant find a good use for in 5 years of trying.

Well the previous kinect was supposed to have it's own cpu for processing and that got cut out so clearly they're betting that having a new input method that supposedly makes the interface easier to use is going to give them a USP. Look at google and apple with Siri. They're both trying to make voice commands work, so clearly the industry think it's worth pursuing. Then look at the growth of things like YouTube channels for gaming etc and you have to wonder if MS thought having a camera packed into every console would entice users. Good games that track bodies and react to a user right now are few and far between. Personally I've had good fun with my 8 year old playing it. I totally get that for a single 40 year old gamer it might not be what they want at all.

I THINK if we ever see a kinectless console it'll have a built in microphone on the console itself to keep the voice command bits in. Again, I'm a nerd so I love me some of that voice recognition shit. I like to text friends using it when I'm in my house. I really would like a console where I sit on the sofa and say something like "Xbox..netflix, house of cards" or whatever and let it do it. The voice thing just ties into the whole non game side of things and making it easier for non gamers to use. One day they'll get it to recognise natural speech without sticking to a subset of words. Siri isn't too bad at guessing what you just asked it to do. Long way to go of course for them all on voice recognition but I applaud someone trying something a little different. I've got a PS4 for playing just games with the traditional input method.

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They could have done all this with a $1 mic built into the front of the bone of course!

I think this is actually the key for me, while I'm skeptical as to those benefits I can at least see other people might like them.

But the Kinect is massive overkill for doing it. So if that's what its for, as a device it's failed and it's only by luck it does something peripheral some people want.

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This thread has descended into a slanging match, which is unfortunate really, because the premise behind angel's point is fair. If you bought a machine last week, you would be demonstrably worse off to the tune of £30 straight off the bat. Some people would have then bought Titanfall, who are even more worse off, to the tune of anywhere between £45-£60. To suggest everyone who has purchased a machine is now suddenly £90 poorer is stretching it a little; but it's going to leave a sour taste in the mouths of a great many people.

Of course, for Microsoft, they probably don't care. The amount of people who it has annoyed will dwarf the amount of people for whom the price cut will ultimately benefit. Microsoft will no doubt have considered that and saw it as a price worth paying. This is best demonstrated by the lack of an ambassador programme for the early adopters.

A price cut after a machine has launched to gain some traction is hardly a revolutionary idea - and sure, some people are going to have their noses shoved out of joint by it's severity this time; but ultimately, if you're an early adopter that is the risk you run when investing your money on one particular side of a two-horse race.

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I think the modding in this thread here is fine, infact id say its good as it lets things flow. I might choose certain ways to express things (microsoft is a huge cock blasting piss into your face) but my point is sound. Theyre screwing their own fans, but this is what they do. They courted the "hardcore" gamer.....then they effectively said hey guys fuck you, we've got you now...we're going after the casual fans..look..kinectimals! motion control!! Now theyre doing it again on a smaller scale...they have the early adopter money so theyre not thinking about pleasing you, theyre after the next set of people.

But again, this is from the company that commissions such total fucking bullshit as that bloke sitting on the train, squashed in his seat, explaining how surface lets him do office and watch videos! The company that invented "im a pc!" and built a pc shop in someones front room. The company that makes a worse version of Office every few years that throws out everything you've learned from the previous ones. The company that rejected the great looking Rime because its not "a connected universe". The company that stuffed their games with microtransactions. The company that jettisoned their entire 1st party studio output, then bought Black Tusk and made them work on another fucking Gears of War. The company that put someone who sat back and watched Nokia lose their business in charge of Xbox.

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