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5 hours ago, Eighthours said:


Oh fuck - I was deliberately waiting until the weekend to watch it, too. :(

If you search in the TV App two versions appear. One asks you to buy but the other is included with Prime. 

Very weird.

I had watched 30 mins the other night. When I tried to continue it asked me to buy or rent. Playing the new version I had scrub forward to get to where I left off but at least it’s included. 

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10 hours ago, Pekoe said:

Everything everywhere... is no longer available on prime, just to rent or buy but with the thumbnail still showing as an Amazon exclusive 



If you have an Apple TV then Everything Everywhere can still be accessed on Amazon without payment. 


Just search for the film and it iinks to Amazon Prime as (I think) ATV defaults to free versions that are available on other streaming platforms that have been linked.





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There’s a great four part doc on Prime at the moment called Curse of the Chippendales, about the birth of the eponymous trouser rippers in LA clubland, and their growth into a worldwide brand.


Of course, none of this came without plenty of shady dealings, shenanigans, drugs and murder. The footage in this is great - apart from stacks of video from the shows themselves it’s g-string packed with seventies / eighties / nineties footage of LA, New York and Blackpool.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Anybody tried Jungle?



Looks very interesting, seems like a kind of sci-fi tinged Top Boy set in a near future, scuzzy, Bladerunnerish London. Some of the dialog seems to be rapped/rhymed. It also looks gorgeous.


I'm only 20 minutes into the first episode mind (of 6) but I'm liking it so far.


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Glad to see the last 3 series of Animal Kingdom have been added after waiting 3 years for them.


Not the greatest telly and nowhere near as good as the Australian original movie but it was very entertaining. Hope the remaining ones don't go to shit.


The last series of Fargo is also available now too. I missed it when it was on channel 4 a couple of years ago, so I'm really happy to find that 2 episodes in, it's still fucking incredible. 

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