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Cricket Thread - England win T20 World Cup

Don Rosco

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Cracking match again - really close. Big fan of Sam Curran - he looks like a schoolboy until he gets the ball in his hand which seems to fill him with piss and vinegar.


Ben Stokes' save on the boundary was outrageous:




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Yeah, that was the highpoint of what was a terrific match for me. The match swung back and forth during the chase, as Australian batsmen found ways to clear the rope and just as they looked like getting away, England would take a wicket. Curran bowling David round his legs with an inch-perfect leg stump Yorker was a key moment. That save by Stokes was crucial in the end as well. The match was decided by eight runs, and Stokes saved four of them there, I think.

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Yep - so nip and tuck. On the commentary on the BBC they kept on comparing where the two teams were at, and there were loads of times where it switched within a few balls.


Along with that Stokes' save you have Chris Jordan (who didn't have a good day with the ball) smacking a 6 off the final ball of our innings. Two small moments that made the difference. 

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That's made for an interesting group, everyone on one win and one defeat.


Topley's out of the tournament before it starts, poor fella. Think that's quite a big miss for England, he's been doing well and a bit different from the rest of our guys.

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