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Titanfall Xbox One Gamertag sign up!


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Started playing this again last night due to the new update dropping. Played marked for death for the first time which was ace and I'm starting to appreciate capture the flag which I always avoided as I didn't get on with it when I first got the game. The burn card black market is great and daily challenges give gen 10's stuff to aim for.

You guys still playing?

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Bit late also, but feel free to add me GT - Darkstar859



feel free to add me people

GT: gooner4life uk

GT: Y0D4uk

Bumping in-case any of you are still playing now that the 1st expansion is out...?

GT: Bibbleq

Had some good games with some of you tonight, feel free to add my GT is Bulldog Auto

All added.

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My gamer tag is incorrect on the list in the first post.


"Wahwah UK"

I'll probably not be back on Titanfall once the Halo5 beta is over. :)

Drew: If the maps are on sale, get them. If not, you may as well play campaign for a while and get a feel for those maps first, it might be a bit overwhelming trying to learn so many maps all at once.

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Cheers, I had it on 360 though and got to something like 6th gen before stopping a couple of months ago. I bought the 1st map pack on the 360 but hardly played them cos they didn't seem to be rotated in very often.

Ah right, I think the DLC specific playlists are quite poorly populated but that the user base has a high uptake of the DLC. The maps used to come up fairly regularly in regular attrition game types as I remember it.

I've not played much in the past couple of months since I got all the achievements on Titanfall though so I'm not sure if that's changed now that Christmas has brought so many new owners to the system. Perhaps someone who's been playing regularly more recently can advise.

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