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Forum Name 	| Xbox Gamertag 	 ----------------------------------------------------------Revival		| The Kron			TommyG		| TommyG				Jonzo		| Jonzobach			KriessG   	| KriessG	    		Hardbattle	| Hardbattle			MagicalDrop     | Metal Slug One	 	        SweatyTravolta	| Beertiger    			dr zoidberg 	| Tired Wookie			vezna		| vezna				Yoshimax	| Yoshimax 			 Bleeders	| Bleeders	   		 tomakasatnav	| tomakasatnav	  		 Wahwah*  	| Wahwah uk				 bignige 	| grande nige			 Wallace		| Wallbob		    		Godzooki  	| Godzooki			  Bunta 		| Brucie Bunta			  macosx		| flytipper		    	Chow  		| WUIJIBOBO			 Jashin 	        | jashin1973			EvilBoris	| EvilBoris DX		    	The Boatman 	| The Boatman			Mad Gear	| madgear16bit		    	Capp 		| capp				  Mr Majestyk	| mr majestyk		    		Jimmy Shedders	| Jimmy Shedders		    		Trok Reaper 	| Trok REAPER				  Zico76		| cdm316		    		alisdair	| Dr Alisdair		    		Wistful 	| GoodbyeTeeth				  Jonster		| Jonster		    		Roboplegic W*	| Roboplegic79		blakeboogie	| blakeboogie		GamePaused	| gamepaused		Andy_Why	| Andy Why		clarky75	| clarkyy		buzbybill	| BlueWilliam	Pavey		| nick pavey		XBOKS		| Capn XBOKS		keineboom	| GazzaLazzSack Man 64	| sack man 64		Skeeez		| SKEEEZ		metallicfrodo	| metallicfrodoJg15		| goodwinp1980		AlanT		| Darkstar859		gooner4life	| gooner4life ukbibble		| Bibbleq		SKYWALKER	| Y0D4uk		seminal		| Bulldog Autosmithstock	| smithstockKing A		| T0NY DANGERmechamonkey	| Mechamonkey Mk2SeanR		| EatingSeanRdrewthmsn	| Drew Thomsonsbrandon111	| Sbrandon111Talvalin	| Talvalin

Feel free to add your details below and I'll update the list!
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