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I was enjoying it but they seemed to give up on the core concept halfway through.



Traditionally, these 'cursed wish' stories have the wishes backfiring in an ironic manner, and the episode initially seems to run with this. He wishes for his wife to lose weight and she gets cancer, causing her to lose weight as she dies? Grimly ironic. He gives his brother cursed money to go on holiday, where he dies in an accident? Not quite as thematically tight, but still ironic as the money leads to the purchase of a holiday which leads to death. So it seems to establish a rule of ironic backfiring and then kills everyone off in ways which are decidedly unironic. 


Girl wishes for money and then dies by accidentally starting a chain reaction which ends with a nail from a loose floorboard in her skull? Not ironic because it has nothing to do with the money itself being cursed, it's just a random death. Man wishes for child to be able to walk again (and teleport to the house?) whereupon he and everyone else die in a fire caused by his father starting a gas leak? Not ironic, because his ability to walk again is completely unrelated to the manner of the misfortune. An ironic backfire would be if his newfound ability to walk again was an integral part of the unfolding events. I'm not even sure what the backfire of the rat coming back to life was meant to be - that it was killed again imeediately? I guess that's pretty funny. 

Basically it sets up a well worn concept and then eschews it for deaths which aren't linked to the wish thematically, which is always the most interesting part of these cursed wish stories. I'm not sure why they did that because it's the ironic nature of the death that really makes these type of stories work, and is why this episode left me feeling disappointed.


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They're doing a live Halloween special!





Inside No.9, the award winning and critically acclaimed anthology series created by and starring Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, will be returning to BBC Two this October for a special Halloween edition.


As with all previous episodes of Inside No.9, this brand new 30 minute story promises to be a twisted tale which will aim to surprise, delight, unnerve and amuse in equal measure. Full storyline information and casting details will be revealed in due course, but aside from being a Halloween special this particular tale will have one very large and noticeable difference unlike all other Inside No.9’s before it, as this episode will be broadcast to the nation completely live.


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