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Call of Cthulhu - Oct 30th

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Fhtagn! Finished this last night, I quite enjoyed this as a break from shooting things. As the Yig said it's as rough graphically with some bad sync, textures and models and looks dated, although on the odd occasion looks nice when a load of filters are slapped on. It some wondrous expressive hand animation throughout :) I was often transfixed.

There's a a least two frustrating puzzles that did test my own sanity but overall it's pretty easy. It's based on the Chaosium RPG but the RPG elements here are slight with you adding points into charater stats that help you in certain parts of the game.


On the plus side the voice acting is good, the lead looks like a pissed up Hugh Jackman and it hands out achievements like smarties. If you're a fan of the mythos, (it's a bit like The Shadow Over Inssmouth), and you can pick it cheap I'd take a look. There seem to be loads of story choices that effect the outcome but I managed to load my last save and see two endings.

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Finished this last night - around 10 hours but a rerun will to mop up a few more achievements and get a different ending will be a lot shorter since I got held up once or twice.  I enjoyed it other than at those slightly frustrating points and went all in occult - yum yum etc.  


Edward Pierce is voiced by Anthony Howell who also voices WW1 vet Jonathan Reid in Vampyr.

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I played through this over the weekend and really enjoyed it. There were some pretty ropey stealth sections and certain sequences that will probably put me off replaying it, but first time through you make the best of these bits I guess. The rest of the game I really enjoyed. It's not too far off a walking sim for most of it, but the atmosphere is exactly right and sense that everyone knows more than they are letting on is there throughout. The pace at which the truth revealed itself felt right as well, although I did not see a single gambral house during my playthrough. There were some good characters, though one felt a little out of place (Cat).


The thing that surprised me most were the dream sequences/visions which had really cool effects in places. I don't want to spoil anything but they did some really cool camera work such as changing things just out of line of sight so when you look again it's totally different, or using draw distance as a hints for some environmental puzzles etc. I usually hate dream sequences but these were really good.


I'd cautiously recommend for detective game types but it's actually pretty good if you like the source stuff I'd say.

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I'm pretty sure I'm close to the end but stopped playing for no reason. I do that a lot. But yeah, the game itself is wonky as shit, and it's almost not a game but as you say the atmosphere is really well done and it definitely has moments of actual dread rather than cheap scares (although it has those too :/).


The only thing that bothered me was having to repeat some sections multiple times as I didn't get/it was conveyed clearly what you had to do (like the section with the painting).


It's well worth the twelve quid I paid for it.

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