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Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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American ensemble police sitcom starring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher, created by Mike Schur (co-creator of Parks and Recreation) and Dan Goor (former Parks writer). On Sunday, it won the Golden Globe for Best Television Comedy or Musical.

Personally, it's my favourite new sitcom since Community, and I try and give most new comedies a shot. It's great out the gate, which is rare for a comedy. That said, it's pretty much Parks and Recreation set in a police station, only with cut-aways replacing the confessionals. I mean that in the best way possible, because Parks was fantastic at its peak.

Preview from its premiere:


In the US, 13 episodes have aired so far, with a full first season ordered. It's not a ratings hit, but a second season looks extremely likely, especially after the Globes win.

In the UK, E4 is airing it on Thursday at 9pm starting 16 January, and the pilot is already up on 4oD.

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It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea tbh.

The main character veers too much towards "goofy-jackass" rather than "goofy-endearing".

It's only ~10 episodes gone in the US, but they've already massively toned down the focus on him - and let the ensemble (most of whom are more interesting and funnier) contribute more.

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I quite liked this too, despite the ads on E4 making it look awful- probably due to how all the decent gags in the show don't condense down well to 20-second clips. The first episode isn't exactly the best thing ever but I can see it evolving into a very watchable and quite funny series.

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E4 can make anything look awful, with their badly-chosen clips and terrible voiceovers. They make 2 Broke Girls look twice as shit as it actually is, which anyone familiar with the show could tell you is some achievement.

Impossible. 2 * ∞ = ∞

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Watched all this on Netflix. After a not so great opening episode it eventually finds its stride and turns out pretty damn good. I've no idea who Andy Samberg is but he's certainly part of a very decent, varied cast.

Check out the Lonely Island music skits from Saturday Night Live as well as his Nicolas Cage skits.

And yeah. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is brilliant. The cast are all brilliant, especially Joe LoTruglio (one of the best things from the movie Paul), Chelsea Peretti & Terry Crews who are genuinely amazing.

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His punchline at the end of this week's opening scene produced a massive laugh from me. He's amazing.

Hot damn!

Same for me. If this ever get cancelled (which would be ridiculous) we need to see a spin off of Holt in the 70s, I love the flashbacks.

This series is great. Funniest thing currently on TV. We especially like the theme music here, excellent stuff.

I have it as my ring tone

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