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True Detective - Season 1 (Woody Harrelson+Matthew McConaughey+HBO)


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So it looks like the Governor and/or his brother are behind the King in Yellow cult stuff. It was revealed that abandoned school was bought by the brother's ministry in an earlier episode. Rust found out that missing person reports are being changed to filed in error, so presumably he left the police because someone inside is complicit and has been investigating it on his own ever since.


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What a fantastic series this has turned out to be. After the first two episodes, which I liked, I wasn't too sure about it but then it really took off in episode 3. Episode 4 and 5 were nothing short of amazing, and for me it's up there with the very best episodes from Breaking Bad.

I'm really looking forward to the next episode but I'm afraid the conclusion won't be as good as the rest of the show. I stumbled upon a theory discussion for True Detective this morning, and one of the theories seemed probable, but shit :(

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Really want to read the Yellow King now but thinking it might make me shit myself.

Fortunately for us the play is lost to the ages.

The stories in the anthology by the same name are mostly sinister, tense and chilling - particularly the first four, which mention the play - but for the last two (overdone romances*) and a short piece I don't think I 'get'.

* Of the form:

On both of her cheeks a pink spot burned, her lips turning scarlet as her breath heaved beneath the necklace around her swanlike neck.
"I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy," she muttered to herself, glancing up at him.
"What do you— what are you saying?"
Then Monsieur C—   happened by and they guiltily parted.
"Shall I see you tomorrow? Please say yes!" he pleaded.
"Oh! Oh!"
"I insist!" he said gaily. "I insist— promise me you will!"
"Oh! Only this once. Only this once."
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Is there any sites with indepth analysis of the past episodes. I'm going to watch it again once its finished but I'm still hazy how people are jumping to x being so and so.

Are there. You fucking idiot.

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I think some websites are taking the cosmic horror element too literally and half-expect Cohle and Marty to have shootout against Cthulhu in the finale.

Agreed. I don't think there is a supernatural thing in the story - I think some characters believe or are inclined to believe in the supernatural, they have hallucinations and whatnot. I think there might be a sexual abuse cult, the members of which use words and symbols associate with occult or weird things (like the King in Yellow).

The real horror is what people IRL do to each other - not just the obvious stuff, like violence and sexual abuse, but how we treat our friends and lovers and family, too - and what people think life amounts to, how they deal with mortality etc. From what I glean reading about the influences on the writer of True Detective, I think that's what it's really about underneath.


and what we do to ourselves

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I wonder if any of the characters' names are anagrams.

Rust Cohle is an anagram of The Colurs. Which is quite close to The Colours and Yellow is a colour. Rust is the king in yellow. Bake him away, toys.


Rust Cohle

Chortle Us - he has made us laugh
Ochre Lust - ochre is a yellowy colour and there are some lusty ladies
Retch Soul - he's sick to his soul
Cruel Host - Marty wasn't a wholly pleasant dinner host
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Cohle's disintegration in the ten years between 2002 and 2012 is reminiscent of Jack Nicholson's character, Jerry Black, in 'The Pledge', another tale that focussed on an obsessed cop who is convinced he has uncovered a serial killer and who works outside the law to capture him.

Ending spoiler for 'The Pledge'

Nicolson's character is right on the money and although he endagers the life of his friend's daughter in doing so, he sets up a trap that will lure the killer into the open. We watch as the man sets off, heading right into that trap, only to be killed in a freak traffic accident on the way. The result? Nicolson loses his mind after the killer never shows and spends the rest of his days as a wreck, obsessed and burned out by never knowing what happened.

Some interesting parrallels between the two men, I thought.

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