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Rust - Survive on a desert island


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  • 6 months later...

Well I decided to give this a shot tonight on a new server by myself and before I realised 4 hours had passed.

I only suffered 2 deaths at player hands! Only one resulted me in losing any decent stuff.

Managed to get a one room metal-doored base up right in the same spot as with my old clan on our original server. Bottom right of recourse valley. Great spot, nicely hidden.

Found a cool browser builder for Rust - http://jvickers.co.uk/basebuilder/

Also found this house building guide - http://grinningstudio.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/play-rust-guide-house-design.html

Here's some screenies for my first night back in over 6 months...

Firstly I built a wooden shack with a wood door right against the side of an unclimable mountain, then whacked a one room metal doored house down next to it blocking any access to the back or left.


Great view of the sunrise from the top of my hill where I've built my hideout.


Beds. I actually have a bed now. They are new and can be built from the off. No blueprint required.


NN sleep tight.

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I'm balls deep in my solo game just now. I really like the UK server I'm on, actively admined. Got a great spot, two houses up now, one in the heart of the beast near rad town. My main base top right rock looking up recourse valley. Loving it, even if some people are still a little trigger happy :/

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  • 8 months later...

Is anyone playing this?

Just watched that and there's so much cool stuff going on in there. The firefight beginning at 24:30 (with the enemy guy running for cover) was epic! Or the weird exchange with their neighbours at 32:30. I might actually pick this up during the Summer sale.


What the actual fuck is going on in the first minute of this video? :lol:



"Ok so if you follow me we'll go get some berries and shit..."

"Aye let's roll! yo man good luck with your house!"

"Yeh catch you later man!"

Videogames are awesome.

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  • 7 months later...

Devblog 92 (click for much more detail regarding the new update!)

  • Upgraded to Unity 5.3.1p2
  • Switched OSX and Linux to new OpenGL core
  • Disabled Xmas content
  • Fixed UI banding
  • Disabled Lazy Aim
  • Tweaked Viewmodel animations
  • Mace, Longsword & Salvaged cleaver are now throwable
  • Can cook bear meat (and burn it)
  • Fixed trees sometimes being missing on first connect to a server
  • Can melee attack underwater
  • Can build underwater
  • New biome textures (sand, gravel, stones, rock, road, dirt)
  • Ocean and river water colour changes
  • New set of rocks and rock spawning improvements to procgen
  • Trainyard dungeon blocker fixed in the central building pipes
  • Water treatment Plant dungeon blocker fixed where player would get stuck.
  • All dungeons: fixed major holes in sewers meshes that allowed you to see under terrain.
  • Server seed and salt now write back to the convars if filled automatically
  • Fixed monuments occasionally messing up rivers
  • Fixed random terrain holes that could occur near caves
  • Fixed monument terrain adjustment sometimes leading to floating objects
  • Fixed anti hack issue that could block self-inflicted damage
  • Fixed roof exploit
  • Fixed various sleeping bag exploits
  • Stability now has diminishing returns on huge buildings
  • Building block placement quality of life improvements
  • Rain forces more fog and clouds
  • Rain tends to be more intense when it happens
  • Atmosphere fogginess reduces view distance more aggressively
  • Voice Chat UI removed
  • Increased Voice Chat quality
  • Added local player voice chat notification
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Played quite a bit of this some time ago. But in the end it was too frustrating. Make a great base , have it blown up by players when your off line.

It looks like it has come on a lot though, might be worth another look.

Still the Forest is scratching my survival itch right now., and is more the sort of thing I've been waiting for.

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I bought this in the steam sale and then clocked up about 40 hours in under a week. It's definitely not for everyone but if you can happily accept the brutality of 'survival of the fittest' world and the slightly grindy nature (especially early on) it can be truly gripping stuff. This has now joined Bloodborne / Dark Souls and Elite Dangerous in being able to generate a moment of play where my heart is absolutely pounding out of my chest with tension/excitement. It's definitely better with some friendlies to coop but I've been loving being a solo survivor and doing whatever I can to remain hidden and innocuous in a world of rivalries and battles.

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  • 3 months later...

I've yet to play this but I read an article that the random gender/race/nob size tied perminantly to your Steam ID is now live. This is so genius I'll have to buy it at some point in tribute.  


I'd be horribly disappointed if certain parts of the internet aren't melting under the weight white straight male anguish right now. :)

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On 11/04/2016 at 3:55 PM, monkeydog said:

I've yet to play this but I read an article that the random gender/race/nob size tied perminantly to your Steam ID is now live. This is so genius I'll have to buy it at some point in tribute.  


I'd be horribly disappointed if certain parts of the internet aren't melting under the weight white straight male anguish right now. :)


It's not exactly new; when the game first went live everybody pretty much looked like the same generic white guy but over the time they've added different faces, skin tones, and penis sizes all tied to your Steam ID. Most recently they've switched half the player base to female.



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  • 10 months later...

I picked this up in a recent Humble Bundle. I've only had a couple of hours to play so far but I'm loving it. In my first five minutes I managed to club to death a naked guy working on a tree, killed a sleeping person then got mowed down in a hail of bullets. I switched to a quieter server just to get used to the mechanics; it's not so much fun when potential death doesn't lurk around every corner but it's much, much easier than hiding in a bush every time a leaf rustles or gun shots go off in the distance. I'm going to switch back to a busier server once I'm a little more experienced. 

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ive been playing it a lot recently.  Everyone is a cunt these days. Also servers tend to die out after a few days due to the change Facepunch made to their progression (blueprint > XP > component) system. in the olden days people would stick around on a server because their blueprint unlocks were tied to it. nowadays, servers start off really busy, shit's good for a few days, people get raided then leave because there's no incentive to stick around, no investment to be worried about losing etc and no safety net tying you to your server and in turn, community. now you can start afresh after being raided on one server, and within 30 minutes be running around with pistols. 


it's a double edged experience really. because it helps casual players a lot. you can as ive  said above get on your feet fairly quickly, and get right into the action. but people don't stick around after losing their stuff, and a server loses all its players bar the strongest, who have noone to fight, and then also start again. Weekly wipes are common. which when you compare to say...Ark, would be the death of the game.


So there's a lot of grinding, and play is in turn switching to killing people to get resources because you're sick of twatting trees and rocks every week to make the same 2x3 structures. There are issues with Rust currently, but you're right it can be a lot of fun. it's just a bit hollow at the moment when you've played this cycle for a few months.


FP are generally on the ball though and are adding a lot of content that theyve been sitting on. I'm just not sure the current component system is the final iteration of how the game will play moving into beta.


If you're looking for servers Zuum look for ones that say "WIPED XYZ" that are wiped the day you're playing. don't even try to join an established one,

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  • 1 year later...

I used to love this game and played it in as much spare time as I had, but since the upkeep of bases was introduced it completely fucked it for me, if you don't log on enough to fill your base with supplies then it deteriorates and your stuff gets nicked.  Going to let it mature for a while and go back to it once its finished.

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  • 7 months later...

Not play it as much these days, if at all, but still enjoy reading about all the stuff that's being added and watching youtubers do the youtubez.


The Cargo Ship Update


All aboard! The Cargo Ship event is live. The CCSC Lazarus patrols the waters, packed with Scientists and loot. We've also added the L96 rifle, a new scope, tactical gloves, and more. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy!





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  • 3 years later...

He's talked me into giving it a go and it is indeed brutal!!  I can get to the stage where I've got a L2 Workbench and stone walls with 2metal doors in a 2x2 and then I dont really know how to progress, there's a lot to learn....


A guy in his community has started a server more just for community folk so I may try that out.  Anyone else playing Rust?

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