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Photo Competition - December 2013 | Vote for the Winner

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Below are the entries for this month's competition. The theme for December was Christmas.

Voting Rules

Please vote for your THREE favourite photographs by quoting their numbers and the names of the forumites who took them.


1st - 4. FishyFish

2nd - 1. MrPogo

3rd - 13. vamecum

Your first choice gets three points, your second choice gets two points, your third choice gets one point.

Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday 7th January. The winner gets a prize!

1 - rumblecat


2 - aehii


3 - andy_s


4 - simonav


5 - RiK


6 - geekette


7 - sonicwave


8 - hoot


9 - iwan_canobi


Good luck everyone.


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1st. 5- Rik - focus and framing are great. the cat's expression is even better.

2nd. 7 - sonicwave - love the colour and the light in this.

3rd. 9 - iwan canobi - simple but effective

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Ooh, check me out with lots of pointy things. I feel all warm and fuzzy now, a bit like my cat.

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Congratulations to RiK who wins this month's competition and £10 of Amazon vouchers.

1. RiK - 18

2. andy_s - 9

3. iwan_canobi - 8

4. rumblecat/sonicwave - 5

6. simonav/aehii - 4

8. hoot - 1

9. geekette - 0

Well done everyone.


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