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Rick and Morty


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Missus' initial reaction to Rick & Morty was, 'this is shit'. So I put the Jellybean King ep on and we're all good.

Her mum and dad are visiting and she ended up suggesting we all watch a few eps; the dad loves it! Left for work the other day but not before he'd asked me to put an ep on.

I also love walking behind the missus and whispering, 'lil bits'. Japes! This show.

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im up to s2e4 rewatching with my mam, shes a star trek, stargate etc and general sci fi fan and thinks its great, loves all the quantum mechanic and sciencey stuff, trope smashing and all the references and influences. how i sold it to her is that you know all your favourite sci fi, well the people who liked that growing up, thats their first language of writing shows, you dont have to start off by explaining things, you just launch direct into the sci fi and take it to the next level. thats why you get a devil selling cursed items episode that on the twilight zone..that was the twist at the end, but at this point we just give away the twist straight away and then write from that point. no time wasted on trope setups and waffle, and no 'standard comeuppance' for rick, his only problems tend to come from self inflicted things like a break up, there is no universal morality sent to tell him off for being a genius, and re-setting the story arcs after every episode. morty still wakes up alongside his grave every day. jerry may not even be the original thanks to jerryboree.

anyway, waffling, tldr, my mam loves it

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Btw discovered a podcast called talking toons with Rob Paulsen and this weeks features Rick and morty. Plus he has got loads of amazing voiceover artists on loads of other podcasts. Its like the motherlode

Edit: Rob is also an amazing voiceover artist btw.

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