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Rick and Morty (and not Justin Roiland)


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Wondered if they could use AI to replicate the voices Roiland did? Recall Val Kilmer using a company to get his voice ‘back’ after throat cancer destroyed his vocal cords.


Probably a legal minefield even without the actual legal case that’s caused the change and having a new actor eliminates any association, which is currently best for all parties.

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Allegedly Roiland viewed voicing the characters as a way of making himself immune to being fired, and was creatively and often physically absent from the shows for years, only contributing with voice lines recorded at home with no direction. (Not that Harmon apparently helped maintain his involvement.) What a mess.



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An update.






This statement comes months after NBC News reported on Roiland's legal situation in January 2023. It was there the public learned Roiland had been arrested in August 2020 and charged with felony domestic battery and false imprisonment in California. The creator's pre-trail was slated for late April 2023, but now Roiland says the legal matter has been dismissed.


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Creep or no, I can't imagine Roiland stopping here. They removed his name from the creation his most well known for and got rid of a sweet voice acting gig that he had on the show. He's probably suing Adult Swim and the like after this.

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It's possibly just my perception, but his statement seems packed with the kind of dismissive language that makes me suspicious of someone.


There's no reflection on anything other than 'fuck everyone else'. I think his more toxic fanbase will welcome him back with open arms, but I'll not be running to anything he's attached to. Though the likes of Adult Swim know they can make a ton from the incel merch market if they're so inclined. 

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