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Rick and Morty (and not Justin Roiland)


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Only just into this after hearing about it - up to episode 1x05 (not sure if that's production or air order episode 5 based on the "source" I got it from :P) but it's cementing it's place in my heart very strongly.

The pilot had me unsure but everything else has been golden. The Meeseeks episode was amazing. And got dark...(and then oddly sweet from Rick).

It's a good fill in for the sci-fi based humour of Futurama - albeit in a dark and often more crude way.

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Those regions that require a cable provider login..? Which regions are those?

Episodes, not regions. The most recent episode is available to watch for everyone everywhere, but the other ones require you to login using a cable provider log-in.

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This weeks is the best ep of telly I've seen all year. Sublime.

"Morty why are you in the kitchen!?"

"I do it all over the house STOP SHAMING ME!"

I fully expect this to be a recurring theme, this weeks has again been fantastic, and the bit after the credits was great :)

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