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Rick and Morty (and not Justin Roiland)


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Half-hour animated sitcom from Dan Harmon (creator of Community) and Justin Roiland (from Channel 101). It's amazing.

The episodes aren't serialised, so watch them in any order. I'd recommend starting with Episode 2, which is brilliant and much better than the pilot.

All three episodes that have aired so far are on YouTube Not anymore, but they've put the pilot back up:


Adult Swim is currently uploading new episodes to YouTube each week without any region locking.

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I've only seen the pilot that you linked to above, really enjoyed it. Sadly there don't seem to be any more on YouTube and it's not up on iTunes yet, dammit... but if the other episodes are better than the pilot (which was pretty damn good) then it's worth waiting for :)

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I am! I found out about it last week and watched the first four episodes instantly. It's fucking brilliant. Funny, inventive, surperbly acted, lovely to look at With this, Archer, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and Bob's Burgers, animation is looking great at the moment.

Latest ep was dark as hell. The bathroom scene, the Lemongrab-esque Meeseeks... jesus.



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Yeah, it's the probably the weakest one so far (although I probably I'm alone in thinking the pilot was the best episode... the 'robots' joke, that whole drunken world-ending opening, Rick and Morty forever...) but it was still better than anything else I've seen this week. And the line "I've Cronenberged the world" made me laugh enough to have to pause it... kind of wish they hadn't beaten that line into the ground though after that, would've worked better as a throwaway line rather than the basis of an entire new civilisation.

The ending was great though. Just odd and depressing. :)

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The ratings are good according to Vulture, and writers on Twitter have strongly hinted that they're just waiting to announce a renewal. The show shares writing staff with Community, so it would make sense to start production on season 2 early in case Community gets renewed.

Someone has reuploaded the other episodes to YouTube. Watch 'em before they're deleted:






I'm going to keep posting about this until people watch it, because it's that good.

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  • Halo changed the title to Rick and Morty (and not Justin Roiland)

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