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Neil Gaiman's Sandman - Now Netflix/WB co-production


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Looks like Tom Sturridge has bagged the title role for the Netflix series. Can't say I've ever heard of him but a Google search shows him to have a bit of a young Daniel Day-Lewis mixed with Sid Vicious thing going on so certainly looks the part (ie has some serious goth cheekbones). It starts filming in three weeks so presumably he's already signed up. 






High hopes for this with Gaiman running it. 

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Not sure I see "perfect"; she's a great actress when not in shiny storm trooper armour but I'm not sure I would have brought her to mind as "Fallen angel David Bowie".  I had always assumed Not - Christian Devil was very deliberately a white male in the comics for a variety of reasons too. 


Gaiman is knee deep into this though and does see it though, so good enough for me. My brain is having a hard time accepting anyone other than Vincent Price as Cain. 


I'm not sure which is going to disappoint me more though; this being a mess or this being brilliant and Netflix cancelling it after two seasons. 

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13 hours ago, footle said:

Christie as lucifier is a great idea, not least because it avoids a white male to white male comparison with Tom Ellis (as not a Bowie analog).


Ellis is fun on his show, but it is so far from the original source material, I think the comparisons are moot. 

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38 minutes ago, Chadruharazzeb said:


Not in the slightest but just going by the list of characters it sounds bonkers. 

It is bonkers, but also amazing in terms of scope of content. It covers everything from gods to the everyday lives of normal people and everything in between, and is packed with history,mythology and philosophy. While at the same time being very accessible and an entertaining story. 

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