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Marvel vs Capcom 2 + Ultimate MvC3 leaving XBLA/PSN


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Public service announcement, these games will be leaving XBLA and PSN soon, presumably the license is expiring.

DLC content will leave the stores on the 17th (NA), 19th (EU) on PSN and the 26th for XBL. Announcement doesn't mention the date the games become unavailable.


If you already own the games, this shouldn't affect your ability to redownload them.

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Surprised they haven't put UMvC on sale before pulling it, would quite like that on my hard drive.

EVERY SINGLE TIME something is about to be pulled, I wonder this same thing. Like, we know it won't be available to buy tomorrow, so I can't give you even 1p for it then, so why can't I give you £1 for it today? I reckon I would buy every single game I didn't already own that was about to go forever in this way.

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Yes, because you will already own it. Capcom legally can't sell the digital version of game to anyone new after that date but you will still have your usual rights to access it. The retail version will be out of print already anyway (you can still buy UMvC3 from a retailer, but they can't get any more from Capcom) .

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