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Steam Secret Santa 2013


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Either is fine as they both end in the same place, it's just so I can easily add people if needed and then pass on the link to Santa.

Plus PM'ing it means it's easy to paste into Excel and then copy to PM later on.

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I was going to do this, but last time I didn't have internet over Xmas and missed the deadline and JPR had to spend his own cash filling in, which I haven't paid back because I'm forgetful and also an arsehole, so it's better if I don't.

I do still have all the games I bought for Qazimod last year though, so if anyone wants Gundemonium Collection or other Dojin Schmups, just ask.

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Bumping, for great justice.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to stalking one of you poor bastards like I'm the NSA to break into your house find the perfect gift and send it to you.

The perfect gift is Cogs. ALWAYS Cogs.

It's never Cogs

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