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Shenmue III - PS4/PC | Out Now!


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good news for anyone (from the media) heading to E3!



S3 at E3

Shenmue III is scheduled to have a room in the business area open to the media.


Expect to see S3 info from media around the world!


(Yu Suzuki is not planned to participate in the exhibit hall events.)


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13 hours ago, Popo said:

The storyline can be rattled through in a few hours apiece, but if you want to really luxuriate in the little details of the game world, fanny about playing in the arcade, spend more time working on your kung fu or finding little collectibles you can push it to a 15-20 hour experience I’d say. 


Shenmue I & II is down to £10 at Argos, it’s really a good time to jump in. 

Lovely, thanks. 

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Doesn't look amazing but I got that old familiar chill watching the trailer. I'm well up for it! Can't wait for it to arrive, though looking at the Kickstarter comments there's a hell of a lot of people annoyed that it's been announced to be Epic Store exclusive.

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I would guess that they're getting some extra funding from Epic / Tencent to push this over the line. Given this game already needed crowdfunding and then also support from Sony, I guess we should be grateful it's happening at all!

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