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Shenmue III - PS4/PC | Out Now!


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20 minutes ago, Sprite Machine said:

Oh god no, not fan service. :facepalm:


As long as he says "hey, there's a job listing for a forklift driver over there" and isn't forced into a mind-numbing "Hey i've got at least 7 days worth of experience" tutorial, it's alright..


kind of makes sense he's sticking to what he knows.. but yeah.. fan service a go go.. 



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Bunch of new screens from Resetera:




^ notice the portrait of Pai Chan in the middle of the arcade? Maybe there migt be some Sega related surprises after all.




^ great lighting




^ nice looking enviroments




^ Very close to the original UI




^ NPC are still due additional polish




^notice the map in the health hud?



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12 minutes ago, JohnC said:

Moved from 27 August to 19 November. 



Whilst almost ready, the game simply needs a little more refinement before being truly finished.


We feel that the extra time we have will help us deliver the true Shenmue experience players around the world deserve!



We thank you for your patience and understanding,    


Yu Suzuki & Deep Silver



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I'm loving this delay, I didn't wait like 15 years for Shenmue 3 just to come out in the summer time!  Even though the first Shenmue will always be the epitome of a Christmas game to me, the whole series is associated in my mind with that time of year.

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The storyline can be rattled through in a few hours apiece, but if you want to really luxuriate in the little details of the game world, fanny about playing in the arcade, spend more time working on your kung fu or finding little collectibles you can push it to a 15-20 hour experience I’d say. 


Shenmue I & II is down to £10 at Argos, it’s really a good time to jump in. 

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