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Shenmue III - PS4/PC | Out Now!


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2 hours ago, Down by Law said:

I've got them all in Bailu, but have just got to Niaowu on my NG+, just waiting for the patch before I dive back in. There are loads of them, but I love the sound it makes when you collect them so it's quite enjoyable. I'd recommend waiting until you have the entire village opened up, then systematically clear each area.


I love the subtle rumble too, makes it very more-ish! 

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The first major downloadable content for Shenmue III, “Battle Rally,” will launch on January 21 for $7.99 / £6.49 / €7.99, publisher Deep Silver and developer Ys Net announced.



“Battle Rally” offers fresh gaming activities in a race unlike any other, as contestants engage in head-to-head battles whilst racing their way through the course.

Furthermore, for the first time in Shenmue III players will have the chance to step into the shoes of another protagonist! In addition to playing the hero of our story Ryo Hazuki, players can also choose the treasure-seeking Wuying Ren, and making her first appearance in this game, Ryo’s sparring partner, Wei Zhen.

Cross the finish line in first place to win some truly awesome items!



I had no idea any dlc was coming, did they mention that in the Kickstarter?


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On 13/01/2020 at 18:43, Down by Law said:

Patches 1.03 and 1.04 are dropping back to back:


Shenmue III Update 1.04 Patch Notes

Made adjustments to certain game contents.

Optimized background displays.

Made improvements to the conversation function.

Updated localization texts and displays.

Made adjustments to the credits roll.

Made fixes to backer contents.

Made preparations for DLC application.

Other minor bug fixes

Shenmue 3 update 1.03 changelog

Added fixes for some crashing.

Addressed audio-related issues.

Addressed issues related to UI.

Added fixes for framerate drop and freezing issues.

Added performance and stability improvements.

Fixed blue screen issues on PS4.

Added fixes for stuttering/lag issues.

Other under the hood fixes.




The above patches are out now on PS4. It's confirmed to include QoL improvements such as being able to skip all conversations, improved performance, slower stamina depletion and some music changes. Not had a chance to give it a try myself, going from posters over at the dojo.


Also, the Battle Rally DLC is out tomorrow, but is available now in Asia. Basically, imagine if Outrun 2 and Shenmue had a time trial based baby - you run through tracks based around Bailu village, getting additional bonuses for beating up goons. The Chobu Chan hunt returns to Bailu with 120 to collect - and doing so gives you new moves, maps and abilities for the Rally mode, along with Trophies


There's a guy here playing as Ren but he's not too good but it was his first go



Info thanks to YouArcade at Shenmue Dojo:



I've played it for an hour or so and it seems pretty fun. The "Battle Rally" races are completely over the top arcade style. You basically run through different "courses" that are sections of Bailu. The map has been edited to include people cheering and a course made. You have to make it to checkpoints before time runs out like Hang On and Outrun whilst beating people up along the way.

Ren, Wei Zhen and Ryo all have different special moves which is cool. 

You only start with one unlocked course - Rainbow Basin, I managed to get the high score after numerous tries and unlocked a new move for Ryo for the main game.

The Chobu Chan scavenger hunt is separated in to individual maps too, 20 Chobu Chans per different areas of Bailu. I managed to find all 20 in the first Village Square map area and won unlocks for more Battle Rally maps, Chobu Maps along with upgrades to my power and speed for the Battle Rally games - which is great because the next courses seem to get harder and harder as show here in some Ren gameplay:

Overall it's very arcadey and it appears to be some challenge progression as you unlock more races. You seem to unlock moves if you get first which will probably take a few tries. It's fun for sure but if you don't like hunting Chobu Chans and arcadey racing style games combined with Streets of Rage / Fighting Force then it may not be for you.


Looks good fun. There is two more forthcoming pieces of DLC, a gambling one called Big Merry Cruise and finally a Story pack involving Zhu's associate from Shenmue II.


Great DLC write up here courtesy of phantom river stone: https://www.phantomriverstone.com/2020/01/shenmue-iii-dlc-out-now-battle-rally.html






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Ver. 1.04 Patch Notes

General Updates

・   Players can now skip initial conversations.   

・   Backer content fixes   

・ Event control fixes (Fixed issues which stops game progress when multiple events happen simultaneously at certain timings.)   

・ Fixed background collisions which makes players get stuck.   

・ Fixed certain localization texts.



・ Adjusted balances for certain skills.



・Adjusted the fishing point of the green catfish in Bailu.   

・Fixed a bug where the camera cannot be controlled in the lucky hit minigame.   

・Adjusted the wage amount per cargo in the forklift minigame.   

・Fixed purchase prices of items which were incorrect.



・Other minor bug fixes.

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I finally finished this today. I've been really taking my time with it and I loved it so much. I'm definitely glad Yu didn't try to wrap the story up in this because it felt rushed at the end as it was. I still think it's an amazing achievement given the size of the team and budget. I just want someone to give Yu a ridiculous budget to make a modern AAA polished Shenmue 4 just to see what he'd make but alas.


The battle really dlc looks suitably bonkers so I'm looking forward to giving that a try :D

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Um. I’m a big fan of this game but... no, not really. Not by itself. It tells a small and largely uneventful chapter in a wider tale, with most of the actual story progression coming right at the very end. 

What it does offer is some beautiful environments, a lot of lovely character development and plenty of Shenmue gameplay - and I think if this tale ever gets completed, this third chapter will fit just fine into the overall story. But right now that’s not really the reason to play it. 

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Hey! No fair! I already apologised for being a nob!


However, you won't convince me out of my love for Shenmue. ;)


What I will say though, is that of course I would like to give Deadly Premonition a go, it sounds brill. However, I don't have a platform to play it on. :(  It's not on PS4 is it?

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Well hopefully it will come to Xbox so more people can play it. Straight to gamepass maybe?


As for rewards the most recent kickstarter updates have the time frames in them, but it's easier to kick off on reddit than actually read correspondence.


user ShredingSkin at the dojo received this amazing Ryo bust that was featured in the Project Berkley video all the way back in 1998!




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19 hours ago, Down by Law said:

After at least 100 hours got the platinum trophy. 




Yeah I definetely got my monies' worth.




"I know rite?"














Until the next time...


Great feat fella, well done! 


I'm currently aiming for all side quests and all fishing spots done. Doubt I'll ever be able to get the all herbs or 1000 fish trophs though! 

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Superb! @Down by Law Very jealous of your achievements here. :-)


I'm still bimbling around Niaowu collecting herbs and whatnot. Easy to get lost and I love this almost Animal Crossing type vibe with SIII. Just bob it on and chill. I love it.


I hope it does see an Xbox One release at some point. Silly to not do it really.

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5 hours ago, Down by Law said:

Well hopefully it will come to Xbox so more people can play it. Straight to gamepass maybe?


As for rewards the most recent kickstarter updates have the time frames in them, but it's easier to kick off on reddit than actually read correspondence.


user ShredingSkin at the dojo received this amazing Ryo bust that was featured in the Project Berkley video all the way back in 1998!




That bellend he has at the bottom is a bit unfortunate though. 

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Sold quite poorly then: https://www.gamerevolution.com/news/633272-poor-shenmue-3-sales-deep-silver-revenue-8-million


About 50,000 copies on PS4 apparently. 


It's a real shame and I also attribute the lacklustre sales to the game itself. Somehow Suzuki has managed to turn Shenmue into an irrelevant game series with mechanics no one cares about. Game dev ressource allocation is also super disappointing (why spending time on making irrelevant DLC?!). I hope there will be a fourth installment finishing the "story" so we all can have some closure. 

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I wonder how many of those backers got refunds, they were quite a lot complaining when the game was released. I'm happy it was made, not surprised it didn't sell that well and because of that I expect this will be the last game in the series. 

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